Shanghai Nights

A multisensorial event hosted in Shanghai at the iconic Park Hyatt depicts the Miu Miu world in a glitzy experience, with performances and a fashion show taking guests through a 1940s-flavored glamour bash.

Miu Miu 01_logowall

For the occasion, one of the world’s highest hotels, possibly one of the Chinese’s megalopolis most memorable spots, has been completely restyled by renowned Hollywood set designer Carl Sprague.

Giving life to a cinematic fantasy of glamorous abandon, Sprague has created a sensational set for a party held up high in the sky setting the stage for glamorous stars to banter, dine, sing and dance the night away.

Miu Miu 02_Cecilia CheungCecilia Cheung

Miu Miu 03_Zhou Dong YuZhou Dong

Miu Miu 04_show

The event occupied five of the Hyatt’s fourteen floors. Throughout the evening a dinner, a fashion show and a series of performances and acts brought the Miu Miu world to life throughout the luxurious venue. The Supper Club style dinner, featuring the Miu Miu Fall Winter 2011/12 fashion show (see photo above), took place with models meandering through the tables. Three other floors were turned into the party venue.

Miu Miu 05_FlorrieSinger Florrie

Performances included London band Florrie in concert and Variety International in a unique 1940s-themed edition of their world-renowned variety show: a jazz club, an illusionist act, cabaret and much more, in a spectacular mingling of song, dance, circus and vaudeville.

Miu Miu 06_singerVariety International

Miu Miu 09_Misty RabbitDJ sessions by Misty Rabbit and Dan Lywood animated the party until late.

The unforgettable experience transported more than 800 guests, for one night, into a parallel dimension of glamorous emotion: a depiction of the Miu Miu world in its lively complexity.

And guess why such an event took place in Shanghai?! I would say because the Chinese are the customers of the future, if not already of today…

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of Miu Miu