Lifting to go without scalpel sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it?! And it is now possible with Lift and Roll, a newly developed hyaluron intense lifting serum – made in Switzerland. The only and pure active ingredient is highly concentrated bio-hyaluronic acid. The product contains no animal components and is 6-times more concentrated than most anti-ageing products (currently the strongest dose available on the market in a non-medical product).

The serum is suitable for all skin types. It can be used for treatment of wrinkles and for moisturising the entire facial area, even over make-up – on the forehead, eyes and cheeks, around the nose and mouth as well as on the neck, décolleté and lips.

Roller Bottle_3-close upUnfortunately, my skin is very sensitive. But as no synthetic additives are used in its manufacture, the product is guaranteed to be hypoallergenic. The serum contains no perfume or preservatives.
Therefore I couldn’t wait for the press kit to arrive. I was so eager to try it out. Honestly, I didn’t expect to look 10 years younger but the product has surprised me. The user-friendly roll-on design makes it ideal for travelling, especially when flying, it fits in any handbag or jacket, can be applied at any time. It moisturizes the skin and the effects last for several hours. The treated area looks much more smooth and I did not get any allergic reaction.

Lift and Roll can’t magic away wrinkles, but it can visibly reduce them… a hassle- free application for women and men!
Available for approximately €60 online or in selected beauty shops.

LoL, Sandra