It takes two to tango – and shoes should never come alone. VALENTINO‘s iconic Tan-Go shoe has been on every fashionista’s wishlist lately. First launched in 2012 as a more modest version, the new take as skyrocketing platforms are now available in many versatile options, not only super stylish, but also ultra comfortable to dance the nights away.

My collection has become pretty extensive … it takes two to tango, or probably three, four, five …

LoL, Sandra

The classic one: Tan-Go patent leather platform pumps

The lower heel: Tan-Go platform pumps

The pointy one: Tan-Go patent leather platform pump 165mm

The open toe: Tan-Go 155 patent-leather platform sandalsicon

The bootie: Tan-Go leather ankle boots

The embellished version: Tan-Go embellished leather platform pumps

All clear: Tan-Go transparent pumps

The ultra high one: Discobox 180mm platform pumps

Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht / Nadia KrawieckaDavid Biedert Photography
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