I get often asked how I beat jet lag as my constant travelling can disrupt my circadian rhythm, the measures my body uses to manage its internal clock, such as daylight, my temperature, and  my hormones.

I found two products which actually work their magic. BYNACHT® is a German brand founded by Jessica Hoyer who created a revolutionary skincare that works at the only time when today’s multifaceted women for once don’t have to – at night!

A highly innovative aromatherapeutic balm that uses 100% pure, organic essential oils to resynchronize your «inner clock» to prevent jet lag.

With the help of its velvety texture, it counteracts the effects of strenuous business trips and long-distance flights on the body, mind and skin and is helping to relieve tension and fall asleep faster.


This luxurious oil combines a sleep enhancing composition of 100% pure and organic essential oils that all have a proven record of supporting good sleep with an opulent texture. Spoil yourself to both perfect sleep and perfect skin!

It will spoil your senses and help to make you sleep like a baby again. Infused with the BYNACHT® aromatherapeutic superblend composition of Ylang Ylang flower oil, Melissa Officinalis leaf oil and Lavandula Angustifolia oil, it replenishes and deeply nourishes even the driest skin while supporting your body’s natural overnight skin regeneration program.

The better you sleep, the better you look!
Buonanotte, Gute Nacht, Bonne Nuit and Good night!

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of BYNACHT and © Sandra Bauknecht
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