8 years –  as crazy as it sounds but I have been blogging now for 96 months, which is around 2920 days, and this is my 3464th post which means I wrote more than one per day. I am thankful, Sandra’s Closet has taken me on the craziest, busiest but most amazing ride in my life.

I was one of the first ones when I started in 2009 with this post about the Birking bag by Hermès. Many friends were laughing at me and I had to convince so many press offices about what I was doing. In the end I was right.

Today, bloggers and so-called influencers have taken over the media world and many of those brands that were completely against it are trying to get on the train they have been missing before. Print is struggling and media budgets focus on digital. What I am missing sometimes is the reason why blogging originally started, it was about passion, being able to write about young designers or products that didn’t have a big advertising budget yet and to show what you truly love. Of course, you have to earn money but the fine line between monetization and truly felt passion seems to often fade away. Today, I feel it is more about getting free products and becoming famous on Instagram.


Personally speaking, I don’t want to say I am a blogger or influencer anymore, those titles come with a negative connotation and honestly I don’t want to influence other people, I would like to inspire them and hope that you still feel my passion in every day ‘s post.

To the next 8 years of blogging, or let me say inspiring you!

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Via SI Style, Getty, Hermès, © Sandra Bauknecht