The House is pleased to announce the opening of the Gucci Cosmos exhibition in London. Following its successful debut in Shanghai in April, the cutting-edge showcase of the House’s most iconic designs from its over 102-year history will take place at 180 Studios, running from October 11 to December 31, 2023.

British artist Es Devlin, who designed the original exhibition, has created a dedicated set-up for the space at 180 Studios with additional elements that pay homage to London and its pivotal role in inspiring Guccio Gucci to establish his Florentine artisanal luggage atelier in 1921. Italian curator Maria Luisa Frisa also returns, drawing new, never-before-seen items out of the Gucci Archive to display at the London stop. Gucci Cosmos spirals backwards and forwards through the decades, demonstrating how the visionary ethos at the heart of the House has continuously reflected and defined the times.

As a traveling exhibition, Gucci Cosmos transports the heritage and craftsmanship of the House around the world, opening the doors to the Archive in Florence and highlighting how storied pieces and emblems have woven their way throughout time. In 2024, Gucci Cosmos will travel to Paris and Kyoto, and feature dedicated narratives and elements that will resonate in a meaningful way with the distinctive culture of each city and its country.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Gucci
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