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Bex Manners with me

Bex Manners with me

Yesterday, I was so happy to meet Bex Manners, the designer behind BEX ROX, the It-jewelry brand from London. She came to launch her beautiful collection with Lovers Lane who will exclusively carry the little treasures in Zurich.

If you are looking for a killer statement necklace, for deco inspired jewelry or for animal shaped rings, you will instantly fall in love with her creations. The entire range is bold and very unique, combining chain mail techniques with ancient Chinese knotting.

Since the launch of BEX ROX in 2006, the rise has been unbelievable. BEX ROX has not only done acclaimed collaborations with MADE Africa, and with Browns Focus, it has also been celebrated with the Coutts New Jewellers award 2009.

Please enjoy my interview with Bex Manners below. All the photos I took show the pieces that are available now at Lovers Lane.


Donkey Ring_1

Donkey Ring

You were raised in Menorca. What is your nationality? Your cultural background?

I am English but born and raised in Menorca- my mother is Austrian and my father is British but my soul is definitely Spanish!

How much has the lifestyle of the Balearic Island inspired your work?

I would say a great deal.  My collections are about a feeling, being a free spirit, youthful and colourful with a sexy undertone which for me sums up the Balearics…

Since when do you live in London? How do you like the city?

I’ve been living in London since 2007 –  I love it – it’s edgy, diverse and full of constant inspiration – people aren’t afraid to show off their style.

What is your favourite place on earth?

Right now my bed!!




Elephant Collar

How did you come with the idea of creating jewelry? What did you do before?

I was fashion stylist in NYC  and used to constantly make pieces for photo shoots and then would wear them afterwards- people in the streets kept stopping me to ask me where I’d got “that necklace” or “that bracelet” and I would literally sell them off my neck- et voila I started BEX ROX.


What is your most iconic piece? Your signature?

My Eivissa Cuff and the Natalie Ring are my most iconic pieces but then again I believe in my identity and make sure that every season screams BEX ROX.

Eivissa Cuff

Eivissa Cuff

Natalie Ring

Natalie Ring




Gold Tribe Pendant

I like your idea of a necklace that you can take apart with your magnetic clasp to get a bracelet and to be able to mix and match with other pieces so that the customer himself can become creative. Will this always be part of the collection?


What is your style advice? How would your perfect outfit with Bex Rox jewelry look like?

Walk out the door feeling all woman and believe in yourself, this way you’ll make anything work.

Do you only wear your own jewelry? If not, what else do you wear?

I also wear lots of vintage jewellery and pieces from other designers that are friends of mine.

Do you have a muse? Or an icon?

Most of my best friends are my muses!


Bex Manners in 3 words.

Individual, freckly and pretty temperamental ( but I suppose that comes with being a redhead! )

Where do you see yourself in the future? Will we see more BEX ROX, probably handbags or even clothes?

I have already started collaborating and creating but for now that would be telling.

Thank you, Bex!

And now ladies, run to Lovers Lane and get your Rox on!

LoL, Sandra


Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht