Samantha Sex and the city

Ladies, I am sure you all have a Samantha in you or at least one in your group of girlfriends. If you are asking yourself about which Samantha I am talking, I am talking about the sex-obsessed blonde bombshell from the Sex and the City series who would have surely appreciated Tom Ford’s newest necklace launch.


The so-called “penis necklace” is now available for purchase on No need to be shocked. The fascinus is the divine embodiment of the phallus, and was a common motif in Roman art. As in nature, Tom Ford’s phallus jewelry comes in different sizes, from small, medium to large. In order not to get a wrong impression and to offend anyone, it is definitely no time to be frugal.

Gucci-ad-campaign-2003Tom Ford’s S/S 2003 ad campaign for Gucci became a controversial talking point…

The genius who gave us the Gucci G on pubic hair knows that sex sells. Just make sure that under the Christmas tree you don’t get it mixed up with grandma’s present once it’s wrapped.

LoL, Sandra


Photos: Courtesy of Tom Ford and Gucci, via Vogue UK and Sex and the City