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Meet jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer Maguire iconwho’s passion for jewelry design began at the young age of six, when her grandmother taught her the art of creating enamel jewelry. Though she loved watching and learning the craft, she didn’t realize at the time that she would one day follow in her grandmother’s footsteps. As an adult, Jennifer entered the fashion industry working in the public relations department for two of the world’s leading fashion houses – Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren. Witnessing these icons work through their design process inspired Jennifer to explore the creative side of the business, and in 2005 she launched her eponymous label, Jennifer Meyer Jewelryicon.

JMJ_0011Though Meyer has extensive Hollywood connections—her father is Universal Studios President Ron Meyer; her husband and father of her two kids is actor Tobey Maguire—her jewelry made its national debut when a stylist picked out one of Meyer’s leaf pendants for Jennifer Aniston to wear in ‘The Break-Up’ (see picture below).

Jennifer meyer jewelry-jennifer aniston

Based in Los Angeles, she designs for the everyday woman. “Ask any woman where they received or bought a certain piece of jewelry and they will tell you a story,” explains Jennifer, pointing out the significance most women place on jewelry. Made by hand and with love, Jennifer’s jewelry is the perfect balance of understated elegance and unparalleled quality.


One of my favorite pieces is Jennifer Meyer’s charming Mommy 18-karat gold necklaceicon which is handset with diamonds and made in the designer’s LA studio. This delicate piece will make a precious gift.

Happy Birthday Mommy2

Speaking of which, happy birthday to my beloved mommy, whom I admire and love so much. Even when I don’t see you, the thought of you makes me feel loved and protected. Often, I catch myself doing something in a special way and realize that it was you who taught me to do it. I owe so much to you, I’m luckier than the luckiest lottery winner to have you as my mother. Mommy, thanks for everything. You gave me life and you’ve made my life full of hope, happiness and love…just by loving me! Enjoy your day!

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of Jennifer Meyer and © Sandra Bauknecht