For Milan Design Week 2024, Fornasetti unveils its surreal interpretation of one of the most welcoming spaces in the home: the dining room.

In this setting where nothing is ever as it seems, décor and objects merge in an effortless matching game between content and container, between furniture and the room that hosts it.

The Atelier’s collection of furniture and home accessories is enriched with new elements: storage furniture and polyhedral bar cabinets, tables boasting new shapes and materials, and chairs that seamlessly combine the charm of mid-century design with the comfort of upholstery. Incongruous and extravagant combinations give rise to new patterns and intricate images created with meticulous care and skill, simulating a hint of reality that is in fact pure design.

In Ceci n’est pas une salle à manger, the fusion of seemingly incompatible elements transforms the dining room into a theatre of surrealism, creating a world free of any conscious association, preconception, or specific intention. Fornasetti furniture and accessories introduce a unique perspective, where the boundaries of reality and fiction intertwine, creating an experience in which the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

The new curved bar cabinet engages in a visual dialogue with the dining room, elegantly anticipating the decorated world hidden within. Inspired by Piero Fornasetti’s iconic interior design projects for the Pasticceria Dulciora and Casa Lucano in the 1950s, the buffet and curved bar cabinet transform the dining room into a fascinating setting with a surrealist twist.

Fornasetti’s new dining tables are a tribute to the design and aesthetics of the 1950s. An array of scattered objects floating on the surface, and swirls of vivid colours are an irresistible invitation for the curious eye to get closer and discover hidden details.

An invitation to sit at Fornasetti’s surreal table. The iconic chair is enriched with high-quality jacquard fabric designed with bottles, cocktails and scattered objects that bring a touch of imagination and energy to the room.

The Atelier reissues its oval tray, an original model from the 1950s: an extraordinary, rediscovered repertoire, rich in expressive variations that accommodate the symbols of Fornasetti’s prolific hand and mind.

I am a huge Fornasetti fan and personally speaking love this new collection for the dining room.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Fornasetti
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