If you have a very sensitive skin and tend to burn easily, then you will love the products of ULTRASUN, the Swiss brand that has launched many innovations for over twenty years with strong focus on this skin condition.

The newest range, called ULTRASUN MINERAL, offers formulas that also provide ultraviolet A-protection whilst leaving many critically discussed ingredients. To describe the difference between UVA and UVB rays, I have an easy association. UVA is for Aging as it penetrates the skin very deeply (even windows are no protection against those rays) and UVB is for Burning/Bad as it destroys the DNA. Not every sun care product protects against both kind of rays. The SPF rating of sunscreens is related to protection from UVB rays. Regardless of the combination of active ingredients, if the sunscreen is labeled “broad spectrum” it has been tested and proven to protect against the full range of UVA light.

Here are some facts about ULTRASUN MINERAL:

  • 0% PERFUME
    Because the combination of perfume ingredients and UV rays can lead to unwanted pigmentation disorders/stain formation.
  • 0% PEG/PPG
    Makes the skin permeable, allowing pollutants to enter the skin.
    Because mineral oils together with emulsifying agents and UVA rays can lead to sun allergies in the form of Mallorca acne.
    Hormone-like activity (Krause 2012, Sarveiya 2004, Rodriguez 2006, Klinubol 2008)
    Ultrasun uses absolutely no preservatives (no parabens, no phenoxyethanol, no methylisothiazolinone). This is due to its very stable formulation and the top quality airless packaging.
    Because the long-term use of silicone in cosmetics is controversial.

All products restores the moisture levels of the skin and reduce the appearance of sun-induced ageing (lines, wrinkles, larger pores). Featuring incredibly fast-absorbing, lightweight and non-greasy textures, they are deal for ultra sensitive skin.

ULTRASUN Face Mineral SPF 30 (40ml) – CHF 24.00 / € 21.00
ULTRASUN Face Mineral SPF 50 (40ml) – CHF 26.00 / € 24.00
ULTRASUN Body Mineral SPF 30 (100ml) – CHF 26.00 / € 23.00
ULTRASUN Body Mineral SPF 50 (100ml) – CHF 28.00 / € 25.00
ULTRASUN Baby Mineral SPF 50 (100ml) – CHF 32.00 / € 27.00

For store locations, please visit the ULTRASUN website.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of ULTRASUN and © Sandra Bauknecht