Smile 2

One thing is for sure: a beautiful smile comes with beautiful lips because they accentuate healthy teeth even more. Therefore swiss smile has raised the bar with the addition of the new day gloss nude and the night care lip balm to its premium smile-enhancing products.


swiss smile day gloss nude gives lips an alluring shine and its tingling instant boosting effect makes lips look full and sensual directly after application of the product; lines and wrinkles appear reduced. And how does it feel on your lips? Extremely pleasant.
CHF 24.00

swiss smile night care lip balm helps lips to fully recover by treating them overnight. It has been formulated using moisturising and healing ingredients that meet the highest standards.
CHF 24.00

Don’t forget a smile isn’t just to do with great teeth, it’s also emphasized by healthy, moisturised lips! To shop the new products, please click HERE.

LoL, Sandra