“Should we get you a diamond?” Mr. Big asks. “No. Just get me a really big closet,” Carrie answers. This scene from the first Sex and the City: The Movie is one every shopaholic gets (and has probably watched more than once). Like Carrie’s closet, the Shopaholics Daily Calendar 2011 and the Fashion – 365 Days of Obsession Calendar 2011 are crammed with stuff fashionistas love: advice from celebrity stylists, quotes and tips from designers and ways to be a smarter shopper – all for a lot less than a trip to the mall and no closet space required.

CIMG9066For the insatiable shoe or handbag lovers, I recommend to indulge your obsession with a full-colour year of purses, clutches, totes or pumps and sandals. The Shoes as well as the Handbags Calendars come as a gallery for the desk so that you can enjoy day after day a new fashionable piece.

I got them for my girlfriends, the perfect gift for a fellow fashionista!

LoL, Sandra