Presented at Watches & Wonders, these three strikingly contemporary PIAGET watches re-interpret the cuff watches of the 1960s-70s that became a hallmark of the Maison’s audacity and pioneering fashion-focused creativity. The organic design, innovative and unexpected, references the free-form, hyper-naturalism of 1960s and ‘70s jewelry, with the signature oval dial half-hidden by the gold work of the bracelet that appears to grow over the case and ornamental dial, emphasizing the naturalistic theme.

Each cuff is hand-engraved with different patterns and textures, highlighting Piaget’s expertise in the art of engraving and dedication to Métiers d’Or. The different styles of engraving demonstrate the combination of dexterity and artistic sensibility mastered by each individual artisan.

The gold is incised, by hand, one line at a time, using the sharp tip of a burin, the lines varying in depth, width and direction to obtain the desired effect. Gold shavings are gently blown away from the surface by the goldsmith after each gesture. No two patterns of engraved gold are the same.

The golden bracelet is streaked with diamonds emphasizing the linear fluidity of the engraving, and inset with a diamond-framed case and dial of white opal, its scintillating rainbow colors as if moving with the ebb and flow of the goldwork.

The rugged, bark-like texture of the second cuff contrasts with the classical oval dial of exquisite, intense, velvety Sleeping Beauty turquoise, framed by sapphires in color gradation.

The third cuff in white gold evokes a frosty landscape, patterned with delicate ice crystals that creep over a dramatic dial of black opal, flashing with green and blue lights, echoed in the frame of graduated emeralds.

I have always been a huge fan of cuff watches and find these models incredibly beautiful.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Piaget
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