Louis Vuitton Tambour Opera Automata

In unveiling the Tambour Opera Automata, Louis Vuitton continues its journey through the exclusive world of high watchmaking timepieces with automata. Paying tribute to the Sichuan Opera’s Bian Lian, the virtuoso decoration of this specific watch presents a traditional mask that comes to life and changes expression on demand.

An artistic performance driven by a virtuoso movement entirely conceived, developed, and assembled by La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton.
After the Tambour Carpe Diem, which won the Audacity Prize at the Grand Prix de l’Horlogerie de Genève in 2021, Louis Vuitton has left Europe and its expressive Vanitas and embarked on a new journey in China, the land of Bian Lian. This «art of changing masks» characteristic of the Sichuan Opera is a major source of inspiration for the Tambour Opera Automata watch.

In the same vein as the Carpe Diem figure that changed expression on demand, the Tambour Opera Automata highlights a remarkable discipline requiring unwavering dexterity. During the opera, the performers can put on up to twenty different masks in a fraction of a second, revealing their wide range of expressions. Each has their own technique for making these painted silk figures appear and disappear with a quick hand gesture or a graceful fanning motion. In the 21st century, very few actors still master the ancient art of Bian Lian.

To transpose this mysterious interplay of faces to a watch case, Louis Vuitton enlisted the help of the greatest contemporary craftsmen. Michel Navas and Enrico Barbasini, Master Watchmakers at La Fabrique du Temps, created this exceptional watch movement, while Anita Porchet, Master Enameller, and Dick SteenmanMaster Engraver, decorated the timepiece with virtuoso design.

«We wanted the Tambour Opera Automata to reflect the striking aesthetics and expressive movements of Bian Lian», explains Michel NavasThis extremely challenging art remains a secret, just as automaton mechanisms require a perfect knowledge of traditional watchmaking skills

Originally, jacquemarts were automata designed to strike the hour on church bells. When watchmakers miniaturised them on watches, they became essentially decorative, animating dials with theatrical scenes, while the time was still traditionally marked by classic hands.

Unprecedented expression
With the Tambour Opera Automata, Louis Vuitton continues – in Asia – the daring journey it initiated in Europe in 2021 by creating of the Tambour Carpe Diem Automata dedicated to the Vanitas. By choosing to celebrate the Sichuan Opera today, La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton is taking its mastery of contemporary fine watchmaking to the next level. Indeed, this timepiece, which is the subject of several patents, took over two years to develop. As with the Tambour Carpe Diem, the time is only displayed on the dial – by means of a jumping hour and a retrograde minute mechanism – by activating the automaton. This calibre LV 525, totalling 426 components, has a power reserve of 100 hours.

As for the automaton mechanism, its five animations create a unique and unforgettable 16-second watchmaking spectacle, driven by this exceptional calibre with jumping hours and retrograde minutes. When the latch is pushed, the engraved pink gold dragon’s head rises to reveal the jumping hours inscribed on the forehead of the cloisonné enamel Bian Lian, while its tail indicates the retrograde minutes.

The mask’s expression changes dramatically – its eyebrows frown, its eyelid closes over its left eye, and the pupil of its right eye retracts to reveal a pointed Monogram flower. Going from joy to sadness through the movement of its chin, the Bian Lian mask expresses a wide range of emotions. The beauty of the dial and the lively rhythm of this miniature theatre leave the viewer spellbound.

The excellence of craftsmanship
To root this Tambour Opera Automata in the 21st century, Louis Vuitton has combined traditional Chinese symbols with the brand’s emblematic design elements, such as the canvas pattern and the Monogram flowers enamelled on the dial. Reigning supreme, the imperial dragon, a mythical creature associated with ancient Chinese emperors, represents strength, power and nobility.

The fan by its side is a sign of wisdom and authority. As for the clouds, they symbolise good luck, and the gourd in the shape of a calabash is believed to protect people from evil spirits. As an ultimate refinement, the Asian unlucky number 4 in the time display is replaced by a four-petalled Monogram flower.

Crafted in white, red and black cloisonné enamel separated with white gold threads, the mask owes its flawless workmanship to the master enameller Anita Porchet. The fan is given remarkable depth through the champlevé enamel technique, which involves removing some material from the surface in order to deposit colour pigments. The enamelling of the dial and crown took over seven days to complete.

Crafted over a period of nearly two weeks by the famous Swiss engraver Dick Steenman, the details engraved in the precious metal give the Tambour Opera Automata an unparalleled level of relief. The pink-gold dragon displays its expressive character in the smallest of details (piercing ruby eyes, engraved and sandblasted scales, etc.). So much so that it appears to literally leap out of the Bian Lian’s mask to reveal, open-mouthed, the time display.

The push button of the automaton depicting a dragon’s head, as well as the winding crown and adorned with a champlevé enamel fan, are entirely hand-made. Finally, pushing sophistication and technicality to the extreme, Louis Vuitton has reproduced the shape of the Chinese mask on the back of the movement, contrasting a shot blasted finish with a perfect mirror polish, without the slightest flaw.

With the Tambour Opera Automata, Louis Vuitton has amplified the technical complexity of the automaton watch with a bold, powerful and contemporary aesthetic. Personally speaking, diving into the craftsmanship behind this beautiful watch, I feel so much appreciation for the work that went into every little detail. A choice for the dedicated watch connoisseur.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Louis Vuitton
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Your Hand Cream Wardrobe

Distilling happiness since 1862, Roger & Gallet has created a collection of 8 absolute must-have wellbeing hand creams that are «made in France». Winter essentials, composed of 95% natural ingredients, with shea butter and sweet almond enriched formula that nourishes and soothes even the most fragile hands.

Discover the 8 signature fragrances from the Fragrant Wellbeing Water collection with relaxing or energizing properties. A joyful range of moods to be mixed and matched, packaged in recyclable aluminum tubes.


Delicious relaxation:
A nap in the shade of a fig tree.

Delightful interlude:
A soothing caress of Damascene Rose.

Zealous throwback:
The delightful indulgence of orange blossom with honey accords.

Comforting tea time:
A soothing infusion with notes of black tea.


Citrus cocktail:
A stroll through an orange grove.

Sparkling seduction:
A berichtig, delectable trail.

Tangy getaway:
A refreshing sorbet with Mediterranean notes.

Floral happiness:

An armful of freshly cut flowers with apricot notes.

Recommended retail price: CHF 8.10 (30ml).

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht / Roger Gallet
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My Look: Hot Party in the Snow

This was my outfit I wore to the Hot Party in the Snow at Carlton Hotel in St. Moritz. When it comes to eveningwear, I am a huge fan of La-based designer Monique Lhuillier. The daughter of a French diplomat always admired the lavish gowns her mother and other stylish guests would wear to high-profile events, moving her to create her eponymous label. I adore her intricately detailed and expertly crafted designs.

My look: Crystal-embellished tulle gownicon by Monique Lhuillier, Devotion mini bag in silver by Dolce & Gabbana, Odette lace pumps in rose by Jimmy Choofloral-clip earrings, floral-detail chain-link belt, and crystal-embellished choker necklace, all by Alessandra Rich.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht / Max Unterharnscheidt @maxunterharnscheidt
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Hot Party in the Snow

Recently, I had the best time in St. Moritz. I have to admit that I had completely forgotten how much fun this ski resort can be. I stayed at the beautiful, luxurious Carlton Hotel, a place I can absolutely recommend, that soon will be celebrating its 110th anniversary. Here, the charity gala «Hot Party in the Snow» took place on Sunday night.

It was already the 17th time the charity gala took place in favor of the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer, the legendary «Hospital of Peace». More than 9,000 doctors, medical professionals and employees treat over 1.5 million patients every year, regardless of nationality, skin color and religion: civilians, soldiers and tourists, as well as patients in need from the numerous crisis areas in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey , wounded refugees from Syria, etc. For years, the hospital has also supported and organized aid operations in disaster regions around the world.

Prof. Arnon Afek

The auction and donations raised more than € 500,000 for the magnificent charity work of the largest and most comprehensive medical center in Israel and the entire Middle East. Professor Arnon Afek, Associate Director General, Sheba Medical Center, Yoel Har-Even, Global Director Sheba Medical Center, Dr. Ellen Ringier, chairwoman of the honorary committee of the gala and gala co-chairperson Renate Gräfin von Rehbinder were delighted to welcome around 180 guests, among them philanthropist Sir Andrew Cook, entrepreneur and art patron Grazyna Kulczyk, book author and media entrepreneur Maria Theresia von Seidlein, Lodenfrey owners Sabine & Ralph Michael Nagel, designers Rolf Sachs and Carlo Rampazzi, and my dear friend Ljuba Manz-Lurje, who had invited me to the event.

Ljuba Manz

After some moving speeches, the charity auction led by Reto Barmettler of Sotheby’s, took place. 100% of the donations and the proceeds of the charity auction will benefit the children in the Sheba Medical Center. In addition to urgently needed medical equipment for the hospital, which could be symbolically auctioned off, highly coveted events such as a VIP package for Art Basel or a cooking course with one of the best Italian chefs in the world, Mario Gamba, went under the hammer.

Carlo Rampazzi with his artwork

A designer piece by Carlo Rampazzi, and sparkling jewelery by BVLGARI, Tornaghi and Asprey were also auctioned. Trips to the best island resort in the Maldives were also in great demand: The Nautilus Maldives or on the most exclusive private yacht The World.

I auctioned off the art work by Robert Indiana, donated by Galerie Gmurzynska. I love Indiana’s work and as my daughter is born April 4th, it was the perfect act for me.

Amazing duett, the «singing doctor» Yoel Hareven with Riki Ben Ari

After a gourmet dinner, we danced the calories off to the beats of Riki Ben Ari, powerhouse diva from Israel and finalist of the Eurovision Song Contest, and Amar Pure, scene DJ from Munich, provided a hot sound. The n-tv presenter and non-fiction author Carola Ferstl hosted the evening.

It was a beautiful evening among friends that ended in the legendary Dracula nightclub. Drink, dance and donate at its best.

LoL, Sandra

Martha Wiedemann (Badrutt’s Palace Hotel St. Moritz), Stephanie Lehnort (General Manager Hotel Carlton), Rebecca Wiedemann (Badrutt’s Palace Hotel St. Moritz)

Sabine Parenti, Louise Thérèse Blouin, Renate Gräfin Rehbinder

Yvonne Winkler

Richard Ossen, Carolin A. Geist

Daniel Gutenberg, Ellen Ringier

Mafalda von Hessen und Rolf Sachs

Tatjana Hoffmann

Annette Zierer, Carola Ferstl

Grace Rong Li in Zimmermann, Dr. Yonat Floersheim, Philip Nasrallah

Lodenfrey owners Ralph Michael and Sabina Nagel

Oliver Fritz, BUNTE Magazine

Lavender Howard, Martin Schoeller

Rita Müller, Kathy Dobers (Cartier)

Helen Prinzessin zu Oettingen-Wallerstein

Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht and © BrauerPhotos / S.Brauer
First Collage: Screen Shots of BUNTE and Gala Magazine
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Cartier Clash [Un]limited Watch

Right in time for Watches & Wonders next week, Cartier presents its newest must-have watch: Clash [Un]limited which is characterised by an elegant mechanism that stands out for its beauty, creating a jewellery watch that combines finesse with power.

Personally speaking, I am absolutely blown away by this new model. With beads, picot studs, clou carrés and mobility, the Clash de Cartier codes flow, intertwine, forge their way and manifest themselves in the form of a precious watch.

From faceted corners and bevelled dials to full and empty spaces, as well as round and square elements, its geometry is constant and true to the Maison’s style. A culture of design counterbalanced by Cartier’s graphic precision through movement, from the beads that roll over each other to the hinges of the bracelet, all articulated to create softness on the skin. An ambition to structure the watch and create perspective: from the form of its links to the mini case with its sixteen-faceted cut glass that accentuates the distinctive lines.


The legacy of Jeanne Toussaint and her sense of volume comes to mind. As early as the 1930s, she dared to provoke glittering collisions between preciousness and the industrial aesthetic of ball bearings. A natural link between the past and present, as seen in this Clash [Un]limited watch, which also uses chromatic contrasts to emphasise the geometric motifs. How? Firstly, by alternating brushed and satin-finish gold, then by combining yellow or rose gold with violet gold, a new shade of gold in tones of shimmering violet, entirely developed for Cartier. It punctuates the watch, from the clou carré to the beads on the bracelet.

With variations on the same theme in limited-edition releases, the Clash [Un]limited watch is available in diamond-paved yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. It also unites exceptional pieces with stones that enhance the design in black and white with onyx, black spinels, obsidian and diamonds, or in different colours with coral, black spinels, chrysoprase, tsavorites and diamonds. Designed by the Cartier watchmaking studios, the Clash [Un]limited watch resides in the Maison’s creative repertoire of jewellery watches.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Cartier
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Me, Myself and OPI

Welcome to a colorverse of infinite self-expression with the Me, Myself and OPI Collection for Spring 2023. Featuring a palette that pays homage to the metaverse where color knows no limits, this collection of 12 unfiltered brights and pastels in four different formulas celebrates nail color as a vehicle for showcasing outward individuality and personal self-identity.

Consumers will fall in love with hues of pink, from baby pink and peachy pink to powder pink and pink punch, in pearl and shimmer finishes. Feel-good, playful pastels in a rainbow of hues including yellow crème, tangerine, honeydew, and turquoise crème make a sweet statement, while powerful cherry red can be worn as an accent or a bold singular hue. Two purples in shades of heliotrope and twilight lavender offer vibes of balance, stability, and serenity.

«Nail color offers an easy and versatile way to express your personality,» remarks OPI Co-Founder and Brand Ambassador Suzi Weiss-Fischmann. «With Me, Myself and OPI, we’re inviting wearers to join us in the metaverse – or as we say, colorverse – where we can be whoever we want to be – your only limit is your own imagination

«This collection features a range of refreshed, digitally-inspired pastels,» adds OPI Global Director of Color Equity Jill Bartoshevich. «With warm, welcoming shades in a range of crème, shimmer, and pearl hues, this collection encourages consumers to have fun with color. Top trend pick NFTease Me is a beautiful turquoise crème that will be a standout hue for Spring 2023.»

Me, Myself and OPI Collection shades will be available in Infinite Shine, Nail Lacquer and GelColor, formulas, including:

Pink in Bio
A soft pink crème that drives all traffic to you.
Switch to Portrait Mode
A powder pink pearl that makes you camera ready.
Blinded by the Ring Light
A pastel yellow crème that needs #nofilter.
Silicon Valley Girl
Strut your high tech stuff in this tangerine orange crème.

Clear Your Cash
Honeydew your shopping thing in this green crème.
NFTease Me
Be totally non-fungible in this turquoise crème.
I Meta My Soulmate
A baby pink pearl that sets your status to In a Relationship.
Data Peach
Collect allll the data you want in this pearly peach.

Spring Break the Internet
You’ll go viral in this shimmery hot pink.
Left Your Texts On Red
A shimmery red that makes them want you more.
Incognito Mode
A purple mauve crème that hides you in plain sight.
I Sold My Crypto
Get rich quick in this shimmery violet.

GelColor provides a salon-perfect finish with up to three-week wear, while Infinite Shine offers a high-shine finish and traditional lacquer application. Nail Lacquer features a highly pigmented, rich formula for even application without streaking.

• Launch date Switzerland: 13th March 2023
• Recommended retail price Infinite Shine 15 ml: 24.90 CHF (at the discretion of retailers)
• Recommended retail price Nail Lacquer 15 ml: 19.90 CHF (at the discretion of retailers)
• Online-Partners: www.perfecthair.ch, www.manor.ch, www.globus.ch

LoL, Sandra

#MeMyselfAndOPI Photos: © OPI
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My Look: I am Enough

I am enough and I can wear whatever I want. This is an affirmation you should be repeating daily. I have been asked all my life how I am so confident when it comes to choosing my outfit. For me it is like an armor protecting me, reflecting my mood and also a tool to manipulate how people receive you. This might sound bad to you, but I mean it in a positive way. Clothes have so much power, so use them wisely. They can also be a great memory of beautiful times. This look here, photographed on a playground in my hometown Frankfurt, is so reminiscent of the ’90s when I was a young girl and would totally dress up like this. It exudes immediate happiness and makes me feel extremely young again in a very good way.

My look: Cropped top in Alpine Checkicon, matching 90’s skirt with 2 panels and metal decoration in Alpine Checkicon, and Kurt high lace-up boot, all by Celine, open-knit camel hair and silk-blend cardiganicon by Brunello CucinelliCleo crystal-embellished shoulder bag by Prada, and Carter leather beret by Eugenia Kimicon.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht
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My Look: Keep Going!!

Keep going, keep growing! It is a new week full of possibilities, make the best out of them! Put on a great outfit in uplifting shades and never forget, a little progress each day can add up to big results.

My look: Denim and cotton-blend jersey jumpsuiticon by Alaïa, colour-blocked crocheted wool capeicon by Pucci, silk-faille braletteicon, One Stud 100 embellished patent-leather pumpsicon, and VLOGO reversible leather belticon, all by Valentino, creole earrings and rainbow classic flap bag (Cruise 2023), both by CHANEL, and rhinestone-embellished iPhone 13 pro case by Prada.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht / David Biedert Photography
The photos were taken at the Gstaad Palace hotel.

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The Amazing CHANEL Rainbow Classic Flap

Every season, CHANEL releases what I like to call a unicorn bag, a very beautiful and special bag, which is hard to get and very desired. With the increase in pricing and the lessened supply, there is even a higher demand for CHANEL bags.

For the 23C (Cruise 2023) collection, it is in my opinion this stunning CHANEL Rainbow Classic Flap bag. As the name suggests, the classic flap comes in the colors of the rainbow, in yellow, orange to red, pink, purple and green. In one bag, you have many different colors, which means it is a very versatile model to carry. If you love vibrant colors, then this is a must-have for you.
The bag retails at CHF 11240.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © CHANEL and © Sandra Bauknecht / David Biedert Photography
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Louis Vuitton – Repair

Since 1854, Louis Vuitton has been creating products that are designed to last. Through exceptional savoir-faire and ongoing innovations in design durability, the Maison’s creations are conceived to stand the test of time. This includes environmental impact analysis at every step of the creative process as part of our environmental commitments, while an array of precise services for our collections guarantee optimized reparability and ensure a long lifecycle.

Indeed, at Louis Vuitton, standing the test of time requires eventual repairs. Repair is a noble word that has always been integral to Louis Vuitton’s DNA. Clients are at the heart of the Maison, therefore enabling the preservation of a Louis Vuitton creation ensures a continued client journey, securing transmission from generation to generation. Beyond any material value, Louis Vuitton safeguards memorable client stories.

Today, Louis Vuitton’s takes care of client repairs through an innovative process of repairing. Across our product universes, 12 regional Repair Ateliers around the world work daily to repair, rejuvenate, and revitalise cherished Louis Vuitton products. Certain small repairs can be done immediately in store, while others require more attention from our dedicated Louis Vuitton artisans in our global network. This also includes the complete restoration of historic trunks, preserving our legacy and commitment to savoir-faire and craftmanship. Louis Vuitton strengthens its global yet local presence through its Repair Ateliers, as 98% of the repairs are performed near to where clients live, thus limiting CO2 emissions related to the transportation of the products.

It is strongly recommended to bring Louis Vuitton products, both new and vintage, through a Louis Vuitton channel, whether digital or in store, when a repair is desired. The utmost level of excellence and savoir-faire will be guaranteed to clients only through Louis Vuitton stores and regional Repair Ateliers thanks to the Maison’s 1200 artisans and specialists and use of original materials.

At Louis Vuitton sustainability is a journey that takes long term commitment and humility. The humility to pay as much attention to what the Maison has already achieved, as to what remains to be done. With the first recorded repair of a Louis Vuitton product dating back to 1860, they now repair 600,000 products per year and continue to set and achieve ever more ambitious sustainability goals laid out in «Our Committed Journey».

Discover details of the committed journey here.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Louis Vuitton
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