Since 1854, Louis Vuitton has been creating products that are designed to last. Through exceptional savoir-faire and ongoing innovations in design durability, the Maison’s creations are conceived to stand the test of time. This includes environmental impact analysis at every step of the creative process as part of our environmental commitments, while an array of precise services for our collections guarantee optimized reparability and ensure a long lifecycle.

Indeed, at Louis Vuitton, standing the test of time requires eventual repairs. Repair is a noble word that has always been integral to Louis Vuitton’s DNA. Clients are at the heart of the Maison, therefore enabling the preservation of a Louis Vuitton creation ensures a continued client journey, securing transmission from generation to generation. Beyond any material value, Louis Vuitton safeguards memorable client stories.

Today, Louis Vuitton’s takes care of client repairs through an innovative process of repairing. Across our product universes, 12 regional Repair Ateliers around the world work daily to repair, rejuvenate, and revitalise cherished Louis Vuitton products. Certain small repairs can be done immediately in store, while others require more attention from our dedicated Louis Vuitton artisans in our global network. This also includes the complete restoration of historic trunks, preserving our legacy and commitment to savoir-faire and craftmanship. Louis Vuitton strengthens its global yet local presence through its Repair Ateliers, as 98% of the repairs are performed near to where clients live, thus limiting CO2 emissions related to the transportation of the products.

It is strongly recommended to bring Louis Vuitton products, both new and vintage, through a Louis Vuitton channel, whether digital or in store, when a repair is desired. The utmost level of excellence and savoir-faire will be guaranteed to clients only through Louis Vuitton stores and regional Repair Ateliers thanks to the Maison’s 1200 artisans and specialists and use of original materials.

At Louis Vuitton sustainability is a journey that takes long term commitment and humility. The humility to pay as much attention to what the Maison has already achieved, as to what remains to be done. With the first recorded repair of a Louis Vuitton product dating back to 1860, they now repair 600,000 products per year and continue to set and achieve ever more ambitious sustainability goals laid out in «Our Committed Journey».

Discover details of the committed journey here.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Louis Vuitton
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