Not hard to tell, I love everything fashion-related. Fashion magazines, fashion photography have been fascinating me since my childhood and I was always eager to work in that field. Vogue has been my bible since then. Over 25 years ago, I have started collecting US, German, Italian, UK and French Vogue issues. My archive is complete and had even moved with me over the Atlantic ocean and back. Do you know how much paper weighs?!

Archiv1Me in my archive, Photo: © SI Style


Therefore I couldn’t be happier about Voguepedia, “the little baby of Wikipedia and Vogue”, that has been launched in May this year.  The archive is supposed to cover the magazine’s 119 year history, with hopefully every issue catalogued one day. At the moment, the encyclopedia of all things Vogue is far from being complete but still lots of fun to browse through. Gosh, how I would have loved something like this during my studies…

I think that it is a smart move of Vogue to attract the younger generation that is more online-orientated and far away from  a print media nostalgia…

Click here to take Voguepedia out on a test drive.

LoL, Sandra

Roberto On Voguepedia