In case you will make it to London this weekend for a Valentino for Gap shopping tour, I recommend a visit to the neighbourhood on Oxford Street, meaning the Wonder Room at Selfridges. There you can get the first ever insight into the inner life of a superluxury handbag, you can literally crawl into a giant Kelly bag.

Sounds like heaven for all Hermès lovers or like some weird Alice in Wonderland scenario.
No worries, you do not need to drink from a bottle marked “drink me”! Once inside you can sit in a booth while watching a film of its owner’s journey and feel the motion of the bag as it moves.

Brown ThomasThe monster bag is made exactly like a regular-size one and was first introduced at Brown Thomas in Dublin in the beginning of November to promote the Marvel Room, a showcase of exclusive limited pieces at the famous Irish department store.

The Kellydoscope can be admired in London until the 30th of November. What a fun interactive experience!

LoL, Sandra