Sunflowers are a symbol of the sun and symbolize love, happiness, vitality, positivism and energy. In Chinese culture, the graceful flower also stands for a long life and good luck. Seeing a sunflower field always makes me happy. Therefore please excuse my sunflower overdose but I truly enjoyed those last summer days to the fullest walking through the yellow fields.

My look: Sunflower print long dress, sunflower-embroidered point-toe mesh pumpssunflower motif Sicily shoulder bag, sunflower embellished headpieceicon, crystal-embellished sunflower ringicon and matching crystal-embellished sunflower earrings, all by Dolce & Gabbana, and cat-eye marbled-acetate sunglasses by Gucci.icon

LoL, Sandra


Photos: © Anouk Bauknecht
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