Comme des Carrés


“Comme des Carrés”
Hermès meets Comme des Garçons
February 6th – March 31st 2013

Bali Barret, the artistic director in charge of the Hermès women’s universe, has invited Rei Kawakubo, creator of the Comme des Garçons house, to lend her personal vision to the Hermès scarf. This unexpected encounter has produced two collections, each released in limited edition: one, called ‘Black and White’, will be available exclusively in the Comme des Garçons shops in Paris, New York and Tokyo. The other, named ‘Colour’, will be reserved for the Dover Street Market in London and Tokyo.

Couvertures et tenues de jour N&BCouvertures et tenues de jour N&B

“Rei Kawakubo has stamped her vision on the Hermès scarf. With rigour, precision, energy and salience”, remarks Bali Barret. This work is in keeping with the Comme des Garçons reflections on the relationship between creation and already existing objects. Here, the encounter with the Hermès scarf consists of an application, or a graphic superimposition onto the house designs, thus creating new and unique objects.

Harnais de courHarnais de cour

“I have always deeply respected the tradition and craftsmanship of Hermès. In our project together, rather than wanting to wear the scarves, I was looking forward to the change that would happen when I added something to the beautiful ‘paintings’ of Hermès scarf designs. I think through the addition of abstract images, we have transformed the scarf and created something new”, comments Rei Kawakubo.


“Black and White” collection: Available only in Comme des Garçons shops (Aoyama-Tokyo, New York, Paris). Part of the most radical vein of Comme des Garçons aesthetic work, this line is made up of five scarves printed only in black and white, where the absence of colour allows the pattern to drift towards the abstract.

PatchGiant patchwork Hermès scarf (180x180cm)

“Colour” collection: Reserved for the Dover Street Market stores (London, Tokyo). Made up of six creations, this mischievous, colourful and adaptable collection has a hybrid character, in which the surprising assemblies (rectangle, giant patchwork, gingham and stripes) rewrite the traditional narratives of the scarf.

The ‘Comme des Carrés’ collection will be available:
From 6th February 2013 in the Comme des Garçons shop, Paris
From 7th February 2013 in the Comme des Garçons shop, New York
From 8th February 2013 in the Comme des Garçons shop in Aoyama-Tokyo, and the Dover Street Market Ginza shop.
From 12th February in the Dover Street Market shop, London


The collection will also be for sale online at from 6th February 2013 for the “Colour” collection and from 1st April 2013 for the “Black and White” collection.

I just love all of them!

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of Hermès

The Louis Vuitton Waffle Maker and More

2012_louisvuittonwafflemaker_web_01Louis Vuitton Waffle Maker (2012)

Last week, I came across this amazing piece of art by Andrew Lewicki and I was asking myself why can’t this LOUIS VUITTON WAFFLE MAKER just be a real product. Imagine your fashionable waffle imprinted with the famous Louis Vuitton Monogram pattern each morning. I am convinced that this product would be a bestseller if the French luxury house and Cuisinart collaborated to produce this creation. Fashionistas all over the globe would drool over this waffle maker to make stylish and delicious treats.


I was curious about the other work of the L.A.-based artist who was born in 1983 and found some pretty fun pieces on his homepage. Enjoy!

LoL, Sandra

2008_petitdejeuner_webPetit Déjeuner (2008)

2010_oreomanholecover_webOreo Manhole Cover (2010)

2012_counterpane_web_01Counterpane (2012)

Hermès silk scarves, Tiffany & Co. silk/wool/cashmere blend shawl, Gucci cotton shawl, Louis Vuitton silk scarf, Louis Vuitton silk/wool blend shawl, Burberry cashmere blankets, wool batting
70″ x 88″ x .5″

2012_counterpane_web_03Photos: © Andrew Lewicki