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«Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.» – Mark Twain

January is my birthday month and I love having my big day. My friends keep wondering why I don’t fear turning one year older. Personally speaking, aging is a gift not everyone gets to receive in life. Happiness is a mental and emotional state of being; it comes as a result of the choices we make. It’s all about attitude, perspective, and what we make age mean to us. We all are what we believe. If nobody sees how old you really are, how can you be afraid of aging?!

Time is the most precious asset we’ve got. It means life, and it’s never coming back. So use it wisely. Invest in yourself, in your wellbeing, treat your body as your precious vehicle that gets your everywhere you want to go. I have always invested in me-time and taken care of my skin. My skincare routine is precious to me.

My favorite product line is with no doubt GENAISSANCE DE LA MER™. This ultimate time-transcending collection accelerates skin’s renewal and means total transformation. It is exceptionally crafted with the potent Crystal Miracle Broth™, which is the purest expression of LA MER’s legendary Miracle Broth™ elixir. It infuses your skin with the healing energies of the sea, transporting it to a more ageless dimension. For me, it is an elevated ageless ritual that turns back time all day long and deeply into the night.

The Infused Lotion
The velvety primer softens, nourishes, and begins the power of Genaissance de la Mer™.

The Serum Essence
This silken serum measurably reduces the look of lines and wrinkles and boots skin’s elasticity.

The Eye & Expression Cream
The ultra-sumptuous cream visibly fades fine lines and dark circles with plumping, healing hydration.

The Concentrated Night Balm
This ampoule-strength treatment gives skin a firmer feel and helps visibly reverse lines and wrinkles while you sleep.

The Concentrated Night Balm is such a game changer for the skincare routine. Each evening before sleep, I apply it with the moon-shaped applicator to scoop a small amount and apply the product to the face and neck, gently smoothing into the skin. My morning and evening routines are always followed by the application of my favorite moisturizer, the iconic The Moisturizing Cream. Don’t forget to warm up the product between your fingertips before applying it.


«Growing older is inescapable; aging is optional.»

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht / David Biedert Photography
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One month ago, it was my birthday and I turned 47. People sometimes wonder why I am so honest with my age. Why shouldn’t I be? It is nothing to be ashamed of. There’s so much to be grateful for. In the recent shadow of many lives cut short, we all understand how fleeting and precious life is. I am proud of my achievements, of all the great memories I built, of all the blessings I received. Each year of life and experience is wisdom gained, lessons learned, and perspective broadened. I find it actually also quite fun to tell people my age because they are mostly very astonished and think that I am much younger.

Blame it to my slim figure, or my facial structure, that might be genetic, but there is one thing that I have been doing since forever and that is taking care of my skin! It is called skinvestment, the action of investing time, money, and effort on skincare routine in order to bring out a healthier skin.

I have been using – as you all know – LA MER products since many years and especially love the Genaissance de la Mer™ line. At first glance, it is an exquisite collection that promises to disrupt the evolution of time. But on a deeper look, this innovative collection is more than a luxurious proposition against the effects of aging. It is a research-based approach that goes beyond the façade to bring the science to the fore, and new empirical testing that yields results such as deep lines measurably reduced, and other signs of aging targeted by specific technology and ingredients. In a clinical study, 100% of panelists showed a measurable reduction in the appearance of fine lines (clinical testing on 26 women, after using the product for 8 weeks.)

Skincare should be fun and Genaissance is the ultimate sensorial experience, while helping to accelerate skin renewal, and addressing the visible effects of time. Usher with me in a new era of Genaissance where the science of beauty is considered, and agelessness knows no bounds.

Genaissance de la Mer™
The Infused Lotion

Unique blend of milky and watery lotion to strengthen and hydrate skin

  • Prepares skin for the power of the Genaissance de la Mer™ collection
  • Hydrates, softens, nourishes, and strengthens skin
  • Leaves skin feeling balanced and comforted and looking healthier and more youthful

Genaissance de la Mer™
The Serum Essence

Ultimate accelerated renewal to visibly address all signs of time

  • Visibly diminishes lines & wrinkles to reveal youthful, renewed skin
  • Lifts & firms the looks of skin and helps strengthen skin’s barrier / density
  • Visibly minimizes pores and smoothes texture
  • Leaves skin with a more even tone and translucence appearance.

Genaissance de la Mer™
Eye and Expression Cream

Targets signs of aging in eye and expression areas

  • Visibly softens all signs of time including the look of dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines, leaving skin looking renewed and more youthful
  • Expression areas such as the forehead, smile, and laugh lines appear more plumped and smooth
  • Skin looks less puffy, more lifted and feels soft and soothes around expression areas

Genaissance de la Mer™
The Concentrated Night Balm

Accelerated renewal, comfort and strength over night

  • Helps skin rebuild natural collagen and elastin to strengthen its Extracellular Matrix, so lines and wrinkles appear diminished and skin feels firmer while skin is in overnight restorative mode
  • Deep hydration plumps and softens skin so it looks smoother and more radiant
  • Rapidly strengthens skin’s barrier to help protect skin from the stresses of the day to come

I recommend trying the The Genaissance de la Mer™ Discovery Collection set that is available on counters and online here. It is great starter set to experience the full range.

The set includes:
15ml GDLM Infused Lotion
30ml GDLM Serum Essence
5ml GDLM Eye & Expression Cream
5ml GDLM Night Balm
Price CHF 705.00

Your Genaissance routine should be followed by your favorite LA MER moisturizer. If you need help in finding the right texture, click here please for a previous post.

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In case you have any specific question about my skin care, please send me an e-mail to with the header «skin care».

And, ladies, please don’t forget! Getting older is not something to fear or be embarrassed about. It’s a collection of experiences, lessons, and the adventures that have made you who you are. There’s a freedom that comes from getting older as a woman, even if it means accepting some changes to your body. It’s your aura that counts. If you feel good, you will steal the show. Trust me on that one.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © David Biedert Photography
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