Chen Fenwan graduated from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and currently lives and works between Guangzhou and Foshan. When she was younger, she was heralded as one of the top upcoming paper artists in China by the media. Most of her works lie in the language of paper, bringing imagination of narrative on flexible materials, usually with large scale and multi-dimensional pieces. She excels at combining her personal experience with universal memories, in which the emotional tension of collective resonance gather to communicate with a wider audience and inhabit public spaces.

Hello, Walls, 2022

Universe of Paper Cuttings 2022

Paper artist Chen Fenwan was named as one to watch by the Chinese Modern Art Archive (CMAA) in 2019. In 2022, her two in-site works Hello, Walls and Papercut on the Earth’s Window exhibit in Art Field Naihai Guangdong. In 2021, The West Lake in Vectorial Dynamic was created as a public work through solicitation. One of her Representatives Lucky Garden participates in the 2021 Chengdu Biennale Exhibition, as well as the ten-year exhibition of Zhejiang Art Museum in 2019. Infinite has been touring exhibited for 11 times from 2018 to 2021. In recent years, she has taken «symmetry» as her personal research topic, to continue to her large-scale artworks such as A Symmetrical Nature series and Jintian in Tianjin, constantly giving new understanding to stage by way of contemporary paper cutting.

A Symmetrical Nature, 2019

Jintian In Tianjin, 2021

For HUBLOT, she has created the Spirit of Big Bang Titanium Dragon in a limited edition of 88 pieces.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Chen Fenwan / Hublot
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