What’s Next?

Yesterday I really felt gloomy about the future, for the first time while being in quarantine. I was shocked in regards to my work when I received the news that after Net-à-Porter had closed its distribution centre in the US last week, the company is shutting down e-commerce operations for Net-à-Porter and Mr Porter in the UK/Europe/Middle East as well. The only space to shop left is the Asian siteicon. It’s not clear when the websites will be back up and running. At the moment, they are not able to accept customer returns, and have extended the window for product returns to a timeframe of 60 days instead of 30.

For me, as I am working with e-commerce, this decision has hit me pretty hard. Somehow, preparing my posts, doing some online shopping or at least looking at the sites, gave me a sense of normality. Now, not being able to generate revenue as much as I used to, leaves me uncertain of what will be next.

The upcoming men’s and haute couture shows in Paris, that would have taken place in July 2020, have been cancelled and Milan’s next men’s fashion week has been postponed and will be merged with the city’s women ready-to-wear week in September 2020.

The retailers that have been hit hardest by the COVID-19 crash.

The question is should the fashion industry skip a season? A question, BoF is asking in today’s article. Many companies have not the possibility to work at the moment on their collections. Some might not be able to afford skipping a season but let’s be frank, what will happen with all the merchandise that is left now, that cannot be sold due to closed shops and shut down e-commerce websites. When stores eventually re-open, there will be so much unsold product in the market that analysts are predicting a wave of discounting similar to that seen in the aftermath of the global financial crisis in 2008.

In terms of my blogging industry, I can see a tremendous shift happening. Some large fashion and beauty retailers have paused affiliate link programmes as the coronavirus pandemic depresses sales, throwing a fundamental element of the social media economy into turmoil. Right now, it is happening in the mass market, with houses like Dillard, Ulta and Macys, but I am convinced others will follow. Is this the end of the influencer era as affiliation programs are driving a lot of our income?

With so many questions arising, I am sure that we will have difficult times ahead, with also lots of new chances popping up. In the meantime, I am wishing you lots of good energy while enjoying yourself at home. I will try to entertain you as much as I can. Isn’t it quite ironic that we got the corona virus from China and now it is only the Asian warehouse that is open…


LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht, Net-à-Porter and BoF
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Everlane – Designer-Quality Under $100


Welcome to Everlane, the new online, members-only shop that has opened its doors today. Everlane co-founder Michael Preysman explained to Style.com the idea behind his new concept: „We just never understood why the most beautiful and simple products needed to cost so much. We’ve just cut out the middlemen so we can take smaller margins without sacrificing on quality at all.”

Everlane’s small collection of luxury basics will be all under $100, created by a team of in-house designers, including former brand directors from American Apparel. This means that you can buy your favourite basic tee in good quality for less than $15.

The Essentials Collection is available year-round, starting with four colors. Each month, there will also be a range of limited-edition pieces. For the festive season, the new e-commerce site is working on a collection of gift items, including canvas backpacks, iPod cases, jewelry, and scarves.

As there’s already a wait list to join, I invite you to sign up by clicking here.

LoL, Sandra

Moda Operandi

Moda Operandi

moda-operandi-logo-text-indexIt is fashion newest and definitely the most exclusive website for shopaholics. You can make your own buy of your runway favourites that will arrive in your closet in record time.
Heaven on earth for high-end shoppers that are always looking for those hard-to-get pieces and that are going to pay full price.

Aslaug Magnusdottir, former head of merchandizing at Gilt Noir (Gilt.com’s elite member group), founded the revolutionary new e-commerce site together with well-known Lauren Santo Domingo of Vogue.

Moda Operandi features collections from the likes of Alexander Wang, Vionnet, Proenza Schouler, Alberta Ferretti, just to name a few, for sale for a couple of days right after their runway shows. I think for a fashion addicted person like me it is just wonderful. You are not limited on what a department store’s buyers chose for their shop, you can choose from the entire collection yourself and very importantly, buy it in your size. No more wait lists!

Example of an e-mail that I am receiving from Moda Operandi

Example of an e-mail that I am receiving from Moda Operandi

How does it work? Moda Operandi has started last month with a small, exclusive database from their network of influencers and friends. The membership is very limited, you can apply for it by clicking here.
Members can place their order with a 50% deposit. You will receive your pieces once they are produced, which means approximately 6 months later.
Moda Operandi offers a very professional way of shopping. It might not be for everyone.
You have to know what is going on and without the help of fashion magazines decide what will be a must for the next season. If you are an avid reader of Sandra’s Closet, there is no need to worry. I will keep you ahead of the game right after the runway shows and you will exactly know what to get.

Anyway, I think it is very interesting to see how the fashion world is moving in two directions. On one side, you have those high-street chains like H&M and Zara that offer the latests trends on a tight budget. On the other side, there are the high-end fashion designers who get copied very fast and who are trying to come up with more exclusive new marketing ideas like Tom Ford who refrained from releasing any images of his runway collections. He has built a buzz until the collection would actually be in stores…

From one die-hard fashionista to another!

LoL, Sandra