Welcome to Everlane, the new online, members-only shop that has opened its doors today. Everlane co-founder Michael Preysman explained to Style.com the idea behind his new concept: „We just never understood why the most beautiful and simple products needed to cost so much. We’ve just cut out the middlemen so we can take smaller margins without sacrificing on quality at all.”

Everlane’s small collection of luxury basics will be all under $100, created by a team of in-house designers, including former brand directors from American Apparel. This means that you can buy your favourite basic tee in good quality for less than $15.

The Essentials Collection is available year-round, starting with four colors. Each month, there will also be a range of limited-edition pieces. For the festive season, the new e-commerce site is working on a collection of gift items, including canvas backpacks, iPod cases, jewelry, and scarves.

As there’s already a wait list to join, I invite you to sign up by clicking here.

LoL, Sandra