Baur’s Private Art Collection

«Impeccably imperfect» – that is the new catchy slogan that the new Baur’s plays with. Imagined by Andrea Kracht and created by trendsetting interior designer Martin Brudnizki, who designed the elite nightclub «Annabel’s» in London as well as the «Beekman Hotel» in New York City and «Fortum & Mason» in Hong Kong, this hot spot in Zurich will finally reopen its doors in September this year.

I had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful interior during a guided art tour as guest of Gigi Kracht followed by a beautiful intimate ladies lunch on the terrace of the Baur au Lac.

Gigi Kracht (center with green jacket) surrounded by her girlfriends.

«Take a set, grab a treat» – the classic brasserie concept is elevated to a whole new level, blending contemporary chic with international grace in an artful, inviting ambience. The colors blend in perfectly, the retro vibe delivers a certain twist. I adore the interior design of the Baur’s. It gives me this international flair that we are sometimes missing in Zurich.

As I am at the moment designing my new home, color is also a must for me along with stunning wallpapers to create the perfect ambiance. The Baur’s has it all. I am not a minimalist and white rooms don’t make me feel at home. I couldn’t agree more with Brudnizki who says: «When I enter a white space, I feel like I’m being deprived of something. Color infuses my life

The best is yet to come. The green color combined with the coral red of the armchairs serves as the perfect backdrop for the highlight of the restaurant: the private art collection. Drawing on the expertise of Gigi Kracht, Andrea Kracht’s wife, that my avid readers know well from her Art in the Park events, the room is filled with selected works from the world’s most popular painters: thirty-three originals by artists such as Rashid Johnson, Rita Ackermann, and Martin Creed to photographs by the iconic Annie Leibovitz, to intimate art work by Louise Bourgeois who shares a raw look at female pain.

Painting by Louise Bourgeois

Even that these simple yet cruel images contain a sensual sense of loss and the often unspoken sorrow of miscarriage, they seem to belong there, to this place of happiness and relaxation among dear friends or business partners, providing the bar area with a certain coziness.

Photographs by Annie Leibovitz

Cigar aficionados will enjoy the cigar lounge that is decked out from top to toe in Baur’s green and decorated with artwork by Swiss artist Dieter Roth, who took tablecloths, or even the floor as his canvas to scribble on.

Painting by Dieter Roth 

Playing all together, the new Baur’s is a feast for all senses. Vive la Brasserie! Vive le Baur’s!

LoL, Sandra

Artwork by Martin Creed

Painting by Rita Ackermann

Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht

Serpenti Ad Campaign Starring Rachel Weisz


Snakes and Cleopatra – two symbols that exude seduction, power, mystery and eternity. Iconic elements that Bulgari brings together in a contemporary manner by reinterpreting the legend of Cleopatra, personified as a modern living goddess by Rachel Weisz for the new Serpenti advertising campaign, photographed by Annie Leibovitz.


The snake, a longstanding design that has characterized the Bulgari collections since the Forties, an emblem further consecrated by Elizabeth Taylor who was immortalized wearing a serpent-shaped watch on the Cleopatra set in 1962 and that still today, with the same spirit, represents a true corner stone for the venerable Roman jewelry house. A symbol that is further celebrated in the new campaign where Rachel Weisz becomes a contemporary Cleopatra.

The backdrop is at once monumental and essential – hefty gray stone boulders that bring to mind the temples of ancient Egypt in size and scale.


The Serpenti collection is available in white, yellow or pink gold glittering with diamonds, in delicate sprinklings or embossed with intricate baguette cuts, alternated or mixed with precious stones and coloured gems tones.

The new advertising campaign will be on air from September 2012 through June 2013.
I think that Rachel Weisz looks absolutely stunning and you?

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of Bulgari