Between Milan and Paris Fashion Week I was briefly in Zurich, not only to repack but also to attend a very special dinner. Maison Veuve Clicquot invited me to Aurora restaurant to elect the 2022 Bold Woman Awardees. Since 1985, Switzerland is part of the Bold journey, that started in 1972 when Veuve Clicquot launched the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Award to celebrate its 200th anniversary. For 50 years, the House has awarded businesswomen who have built, taken on or developed a business. To date, 350 women in 27 countries have been honored. In Switzerland 18 bold businesswomen were already awarded and in 2022, there will be more.

Six finalists and two prices. First there is the Bold Women Award by Veuve Clicquot for which the candidate must be a woman who founded or has been CEO for more than three years of a company headquartered in Switzerland. The candidate must have made a significant contribution to the success of her company by instilling her sense of entrepreneurship. Furthermore, the environmental impact of the company plays an important role.

The finalists: Léa, Antonella and Sandra

The finalists for the Bold Women Award 2022 by Veuve Clicquot are:

Léa Miggiano – CARVOLUTION
Carvolution is a company offering car subscriptions.

Antonella Santuccione Chadha – WOMEN’S BRAIN PROJECT
Women’s Brain Project is a scientific organization addressing the influence of sex and gender on mental and brain diseases.

Future Technologies is an AI-based user-centric platform providing authentication and transaction confirmation.

The jury: Patrizia, Chantal, Stefan, Martina and Karina

The jury for this price consists of Karina Berger (Entrepreneur), David Degen (Soccer Star & Entrepreneur), Chantal Gaemperle (LVMH Group Executive Vice President Human Resources and Synergies), Martina Hingis (Tennis Champion), Patrizia Laeri (Economist & Business Journalist), Stefan Regez (Former Head of Consumer Magazines at Ringier Axel Springer Schweiz AG) and Madeleine von Holzen (Editor in Chief Le Temps).

The second price is the Bold Future Award by Veuve Clicquot for which the candidate must have founded or been CEO of a company that has been in existence for less than three years and is headquartered in Switzerland. The candidate must have made a significant contribution to the success of her company by instilling her sense of entrepreneurship and a significant innovation or contribution to the transformation of an existing market, as well have an focus on the environmental impact of the company.

The finalists: Carla, Fanny and Liliane

The finalists for the Bold Future Award 2022 by Veuve Clicquot are:

Liliane Ableitner – EXNATON
Exnaton is a software that enables the trading of solar power among neighbours and visualizes energy data in real time.

Kore Technologies is an IT company specialized in creating and managing blockchain certificates for digital assets (NFTs) and identities.

Arts & Design Manufacture offers exclusive artisanal creations in the realization of high-end watchmaking projects.

The jury: Bea, Barbara and Babette

The jury for this price consists of former Bold Women Award winners Olga Dubey (CEO & Co-Founder AgroSustain), Babette Keller Liechtli (Keller Trading & KT Home SA), Barbara Lax (CEO & Founder Little Green House) and Bea Petri (Entrepreneur). Bea won in 2012 and I went with her to Paris for a special event in 2013 to celebrate the trailblazing winners from 9 countries. For the previous post, click here please.

Both juries met the finalists for the first time and guests were able to get to know their entrepreneurial daring better. Each of the ladies presented herself, her company and entered a round of questions by the audience.

With the lovely Moët Hennessy Switzerland team, Sébastien Bergerat, Grégory Carrier and Christopher Siegenthaler.

Veuve Clicquot’s story is one of boldness, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. In 1805, Madame Clicquot took the reins of the House after the death of her husband, at a time when women could neither work nor hold a bank account.

Over the years, Madame Clicquot revolutionized the field. The riddling table to achieve crystal-clear champagne? That was her innovation. The first-recorded vintage champagne? That was hers, too. She was behind it. Madame Clicquot had to face numerous obstacles before she was ultimately respected and called la grand dame of Champagne. The name is only fitting: this bold woman had big dreams for her House to transcend borders: «I wish my brand to rank first in New York like in Saint Petersburg.» – Madame Clicquot, 1831.

With Swiss supermodel Manuela Frey

This tenacious spirit, this determination, this desire to always go further is what united bold women around us. Women who redefine success on their own terms and go beyond the status quo – just as Madame Clicquot did two centuries ago.

On September 1, 2022, the winners will be announced during a special ceremony at Aura in Zurich. Stay tuned for more…

LoL, Sandra

With tennis champion Martina Hingis.

Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht / ©Veuve Cliquot/ David Biedert Photography
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