The past weeks my world was upside down…. my dear readers, please accept my sincere apologies for not posting during the past weeks. Instead of publishing daily, you haven’t received a newsletter since Easter Sunday. This has never happened in 12.5 years I am doing this job.

The reason for it was that my web host got hacked. The attack was not specifically concerning my blog, it was the host itself. Unfortunately, during the recovery process, we realized that posts had disappeared and it took quite some time to recover the work I have established since 2009. Now, everything is back, I apologize if you received some newsletters double due to the recovery process.

Those who are following me on Instagram, have seen that I have been traveling a lot the past days. I had an amazing time in New York City and Puerto Rico that I am so eager to show you. Sometimes, it also feels nice to take some time off.

I would like to take this opportunity and thank you for the wonderful messages I have received during the past days. Some of you were so sweet to wonder what was going on with Sandra’s Closet. It made me realize how much I have missed blogging.

Back on track from now… you will see a lot of posts, already published and coming up, stay tuned! Don’t get confused with the dates of the posts, I dated them back as I don’t want to loose my streak of daily posting and they had been planned for those days …

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht, First Photo: Daydream Studio @daydream_communication
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