My avid readers know how much I enjoy being up in the air and exploring new places. I absolutely adore flying. The sky is my happy place. Most of the time, I try to fly with hand luggage. However it is not always possible. The past summer, my suitcase got lost five times. I always found it again thanks to some little features I added to my luggage.

I got myself Rimowa’s Petal collection.

First of all, I recommend personalizing your suitcase. Choose a fun color that stands out of all the grey and black luggage that most people use. You can already spot it easily when it is loaded on the plane and you can spot it from far on the carrousel. It is also great for the ground staff when they have to identify a missing piece.

If you would like to take it up a notch and make your piece absolutely unique, I recommend stickers. They are not only absolutely fun but also great to personalize your suitcase. Here are some of the most fun and stylish ones available at the moment.

Sticker Set by Gucci

Sticker Sets by Rimowa

Hotel Postcards Labels Set by Louis Vuitton

In order to be able to track your suitcase yourself, put an AirTag in it. It saved me so many times … Last summer, when many suitcases got stranded, I went in the hall at the airport and played the sound. Like this, I easily spotted it under piles of other suitcases.

If you are not in the mood of doing the artwork yourself, have a look at Louis Vuitton‘s S/S 2024 runway «Side Trunk MM Elysee Palace Hotel MNG» bag that is inspired by the Maison’s first hotel that will open its doors in 2026 on the famous Avenue des Champs Élysées in Paris.

I cannot wait for my next trip … stay tuned!

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of the Brands and © Sandra Bauknecht
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