Sad news today: The founder of the famous Italian fashion house Missoni, Ottavio Missoni, died this morning at his home in Sumirago at the age of 92.
Born in 1921 in Ragusa on the Dalmatian coast, he had a natural gift as he was a very talented runner which gave him the nickname “son of Apollus.” At the age of 16, young Missoni made the Italian national team, and still today, he held the national 400-meter record for a 16-year-old.

After he had met his lifelong partner, Rosita Missoni, in 1948, the couple founded the company in the 1950s and their famous zigzag knits have been considered Italian sophistication in perfection for many decades since today. Among their fans have been celebrities such as Lauren Bacall, Marcello Mastroianni, Madonna and Diana Vreeland, the legendary Vogue editor.


Rosita and Ottavio have three children which have been all working in the family business. A blow to the family came earlier this year as Vittorio, the oldest son, who was in charge of the management of the company, was aboard a small airplane that went missing in Venezuela.

Rest in peace, Mr Missoni and thank you for the beautiful colourful knits. Your legend will live on…

LoL, Sandra

Photo: © Davide Maestri, © Jürgen Teller