With enchanting shades that are off the charts, the new OPI Big Zodiac Energy Collection for Fall 2023 offers a colorscope of hues channeling earth, air, fire, and water tones. Featuring a palette of 12 elemental hues with one-of-a-kind pearls, celestial shimmers, and even a holographic effect, these multidimensional shades will make nails glisten from hand to toe.

Mesmerizing sage, mint, and gold capture Earth signs’ tranquil nature, while water signs make a splash with a dreamy baby blue, cobalt, and holographic silver. Fire signs light the way with a fierce red, burgundy, and gold, while air signs give off pearlescent white, navy blue, and violet.

«Each shade represents an individual zodiac sign, and consumers can choose the colors that match their sun, moon, and rising signs, or mix and match shades to create other looks with more ruling planets and signs in their birth chart,« says OPI Global Director of Color Equity Jill Bartoshevich. «The season’s top trend shade Scorpio Seduction is a shimmering cobalt blue that’s bold and has hidden depths, just like its namesake sign.»

OPI has partnered with astrology app Sanctuary to develop horoscopes for each shade in the Big Zodiac Energy Collection. Astrologically, each color has a different meaning. Each zodiac sign is associated with a specific color that reflects its personality traits and energies. Consumers can choose a shade based on the zodiac season or their personal connection to the cosmos. In support of the Big Zodiac Energy collection, Sanctuary’s color horoscopes will be paired with custom content on their social media channels to help consumers connect to the shades that speak to the season or their stars.

Big Zodiac Energy Collection shades will be available in Infinite Shine, Nail Lacquer, and GelColor formulas.
GelColor provides a salon-perfect finish with up to three-week wear, while Infinite Shine offers a high- shine finish and traditional lacquer application. Nail Lacquer features a highly-pigmented, rich formula for even application without streaking.

A bronze pearl that’s nothin’ but perfection.
Taurus-t Me
A mint green shimmer that’s the most loyal.
Feelin’ Capricorn-y
A sage green shimmer that’ll bring the wit.
Pisces the Future
A light blue pearl that’s totally psychic.

I Cancer-tainly Shine
A holographic silver that’s giving intuition.
Scorpio Seduction
A cobalt pearl that’s mysterious AF.
Kiss My Aries*
A fiery red shimmer that doesn’t hold back.
Big Sagittarius Energy
A burgundy pearl that’s pure fire.

The Leo-nly One
A bold gold pearl that’s the center of attention.
Gemini and I*
A soft white shimmer that has mani sides.
Aquarius Renegade
A navy blue pearl that doesn’t follow the rules.
Feelin’ Libra-ted*
A shimmery violet that’s beyond balanced.

• Launch date Switzerland: 14th August 2023
• Recommended retail price per Infinite Shine 15 ml: 24.90 CHF (at the discretion of retailers)
• Recommended retail price per Nail Lacquer 15 ml: 19.90 CHF (at the discretion of retailers)

LoL, Sandra

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