The Hermès S/S 2011 collection for men by Véronique Nichanian is a dream. Classic pieces like the well made pants and the colours in hues of white and beige are combined with skin revealed with subtlety. The look has what it takes to please both, men and the women who love them.

I came across two accessories for men that I find absolutely amazing. MUST-HAVES!



Belt-tie or tie-belt? Made of printed or woven silk to match the men’s S/S 2011 collection, this belt is presented in a gift box with two bands of silk and a removable Etrivière buckle. Vary the way you wear it to match your mood. CHF 730


This boot with its assertive personality dares cool green for a refreshing summer look. A British elegance is paired with a sensual modernity. I just love them! CHF 950

For further information, please visit the Hermès boutique nearest to you.

LoL, Sandra