Egyptian Magic probably has garnered more kudos in the fashion press than any comparable product in the world. From Japan to Australia to Europe and the US, top celebrities in the film and fashion industries agree that Egyptian Magic is a «must-have» beauty and skin care product. They use it on face, skin, hair, cuts, burns, bruises, rashes – everywhere!

«Life takes from the taker & gives to the giver.
Above all, let your word be your bond.

Ancient Kamitian (Egyptian) folklore recalls the existence of a miraculous skin cream secretly used by the great sages, mystics, magicians and healers to maintain radiant, healthy, smooth and glowing skin. Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Skin Cream claims it has the exact formula than this miraculous cream found in ancient Egyptian tombs.

It is a phenomenal healing balm with legendary powers due to its unique mixture of all natural ingredients derived only from living plants and organisms. Being on the market since August 1991 with a solid track record, a loyal word of mouth following, and twice the healing power for half the price of conventional skin creams, it contains no additives, added preservatives, parabens or GMO ingredients and is made with Olive Oil, Bees Wax, Honey, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, Bee Propolis & Divine Love.

I had been curious about this magic cream that is loved by celebrities around the globe since quite some time and was looking forward to trying it. At first, it looks like Vaseline. But upon contact, this cream is much softer, a lot oilier and melts easily when rubbed into the skin. You don’t need a lot of product and it easily absorbs. The only thing that I am not used to yet is the smell. It’s not unpleasant, please don’t get me wrong, it’s just not a scent you’ll fall in love at first sniff.

I was truly impressed by its multi-purpose approach for the whole family (you can even use it for babies). The cream  hydrates and repairs skin from head to toe. I love to apply it on my cracked heels and elbows. Moreover, you can use it as a moisturizer, lip balm, eye cream or even hair mask as well as a makeup remover. Imagine that you are traveling, you just have one product for all! It also works wonders on eczema and skin irritations and helps fading scars. In addition gynecologists recommend Egyptian Magic even to be used on your private parts.

In Switzerland, Egyptian Magic is exclusively sold at Import Parfümerie.
CHF 36.00 (59ml) and CHF 54.00 (118ml)

LoL, Sandra

 Photos: Via Pinterest @Egyptian_Magic