Creations inspired by the number 5, Gabrielle Chanel’s favorite number. Like a precious lucky charm, each piece features diamonds set in white gold or beige gold.

5 like the 5th sign of the zodiac, Mademoiselle’s astrological symbol. 5 like her favorite day to present her couture collections. 5 like the number of the eternal fragrance.

ETERNAL N°5 necklace
In 18-carats BEIGE GOLD and diamonds.

ETERNAL N°5 transformable earrings
In 18-carats BEIGE GOLD and diamonds.The earring length of one earring is adjustable: with the long version worn attached behind the lobe or as a simple ear-stud.

ETERNAL N°5 single earring
In 18-carats BEIGE GOLD and diamonds.ETERNAL N°5 single earring
In 18-carats white gold and diamonds.

I love CHANEL fine jewelry and I think this new collection is fabulous.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © CHANEL #N5Collection #CHANELFineJewelry
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