This week was my “German” week. On Tuesday, I went to Hamburg to finalize an amazing project for Sandra’s Closet’s upcoming third birthday and then I drove to Frankfurt, which is my place of origin. I was born and raised in the picturesque Taunus, a part of the Central German Uplands, located at the gates of Frankfurt. I love the Hessian mentality and have to admit that I haven’t spent a lot of time here recently but whenever I am back, I feel at home.


I am staying at the beautiful Schlosshotel Kronberg, a five-star luxury castle hotel, that is owned by the Landgrave and Princes von Hessen. It offers you living history to touch and feel. Exclusive furnishings and an impressive collection of antiques and paintings from the private estate of the mother of the last Kaiser convey the authentic ambience of a castle from imperial times and makes me feel like a little princess.

Sandra Bauknecht_St.Angela Schule

Yesterday, I took a trip down memory lane and showed my daughter the school I went to: St. Angela Schule in Königstein, a private all-girls school, attached to an Ursuline convent. Personally speaking, I loved this mono education and truly enjoyed my time there. Until today, I am close to my five best friends from school. When I saw the pillar we decorated for our graduation, I was so touched that the tears kept rolling down my cheeks.


This morning, another event has touched me deeply: Sandra’s Closet reached over 50.000 likes on Facebook overnight, which means 10.000 likes in 2 months. This is so amazing and I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for following my blog that has taken me on such a beautiful adventure. I feel very blessed!
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Below you can enjoy some more photos of my outfit and the castle hotel:

Sandra Bauknecht in Königstein

My look: Fur vest and biker boots by Miu Miu, red wool dress and gold horsebit necklaceicon by Gucci, wool cashmere gauze Rottweiler scarf by Givenchy and Diorette earrings by Dior Haute Joaillerie and tote bag by Chanel.

LoL, Sandra


Givenchy Rottweiler Scarf




Schlosshotel5Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht via Instagram