From runways to capsule collections, the «cartoonification» trend is becoming a more noticeable fashion phenomenon. When the unruly American art collective For MSCHF‘s launched this spring a pair of Big Red Boots, that are taking inspiration from Dora the Explorer’s best friend Boots and Astro Boy, the cartoonish footwear immediately went viral.

Soft padded leather bag by Prada

But there is more… Prada‘s bags are cartoonishly puffy and Loewe featured some full-on «pixelated» looks on the runway. I mean those 8-bit hoodies look like their coming straight out of a video game.

Pixelated hoodie by Loewe

Fashion can be an escape and a source of joy and humor, while providing direction, creativity, and identity. It is a mirror to what is going on in this world. And let’s be frank, social media has become an all artificial blown-up world, that you can only survive with a sense of humor.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of the Brands / © Sandra Bauknecht
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