Catburglar Barbie

As I have never outgrown my passion for Barbie dolls, this one is on top of my wishlist for Christmas: The Cat-burglar Barbie® by Christian Louboutin. Launched this December and first in a series of three, she received a complete head-to-toe Parisian make-over as envisioned by Christian Louboutin: “She needed great shoes, a thinner ankle and, to me, as I’m obsessed with feet, a foot more curved.”

The master of fabulous footwear completed her black cat-suit with four different versions of his statement red-soled heels that all come with miniature shoe boxes and cloth shoe bags (how adorable!!!). Also included with every one of the first Barbie® by Christian Louboutin limited edition dolls is a chic collectable calendar that documents all their jet-setting adventures together. Barbie “went” to Paris for one year exploring the designer`s ultra-fashionable life and visiting all his favourite places.

Barbie Louboutin

In February a safari-themed Barbie® by Christian Louboutin will be launched and the series will be completed in May with a creation dedicated to the Cannes Film Festival. If you do not want to miss them out, go to

Merry X-mas to all of you! May all of your wishes come true…

LoL, Sandra