I am so proud to announce that I am a member of Annabel’s Membership Committee. The famous and iconic London members club is not only known for its outstanding decor and great parties, but also for creating charitable moments.

The beautiful façade of Annabel’s London this September.

This September, it is hosting the fourth annual Annabel’s for the Amazon month, dedicated to raising awareness and vital funds to combat deforestation in the Brazilian Amazonian rainforest. The Caring Family Foundation (TCFF) continues to reforest with local traditional families, whilst also expanding their efforts to support indigenous communities more holistically alongside Brazil’s leading activists. This year’s façade highlights both the beauty and devastation of the Amazon rainforest. It stands as an artistic statement bridging the urgency of the deforestation crisis to London and the UK to remind us we all have a role to play in the safeguarding of our planet.

There is a global food crisis and a growing poverty gap. Amazonian deforestation is at a 15-year high, hurting local communities who are on the frontline. Violence against women and girls is widespread and growing.

The Caring Family Foundation (TCFF) is dedicated to improving the lives of women, with children at the heart of all that we do. We work to tackle child poverty, deforestation and domestic abuse, in the UK and Brazil, with our core focus remaining on women and children across these areas.

The club’s fourth Annabel’s For The Amazon gala is headlined by singer Seal and house group WhoMadeWho. The cocktail menu has been created in partnership with The Lost Explorer Mezcal, and each cocktail sold will plant 2.5 trees. It is a star-studded event with VIPs in attendance, including Andrew Garfield, James Corden, Douglas Booth, Wallis Day, Toheeb Jimoh, Harry Lawtey, Paul Forman, Chaneil Kular, and Ed McVey at the much-anticipated annual fundraising gala.

Amazing live performance by Seal

Throughout the campaign, the prestigious NFT Winds of Yawanawa is on display from Richard and Patricia Caring’s private collection. This first-of-its-kind co-creation between new media artist Refik Anadol and the Yawanawá community was commissioned by Impact One, as part of its Possible Futures programme. In the state of Acre, Brazil, The Yawanawa community neighbours communities supported by the ongoing works of The Caring Family Foundation.

True power couple: Richard and Patricia Caring

Patricia Caring, who is Brazilian and the Co-Founder of The Caring Family Foundation as well as Chairwoman of Annabel’s said, «Annabel’s for the Amazon was established four years ago and set out to raise awareness and funds for the crisis happening in the Amazon. We think about the Amazon for the trees but there is so much more that is affected by deforestation. Families strive to survive amongst the challenges, Mothers need to feed their children and communities are at the risk of extinction. Our work on the ground directly supports the livelihoods of the indigenous people in the Acre region who choose the species of trees planted by The Caring Family Foundation. It means they are able to grow, produce and generate income for their families, thereby giving them a chance to thrive.

Communities do their best to stand strong, but they need our support and protection. Together with the indigenous people, we can make a difference. They are the guardians of the Amazon rainforest, and we cannot forget that a healthier rainforest regulates our global climate and preserves biodiversity beyond Brazil. What happens in the Amazon has an impact on our world, but without the indigenous communities it’s hard for us to start thinking about hope for climate change, so that’s why The Caring Family Foundation and I stand for Brazil and for us.»

Richard Caring raising funds that night!

Annabel’s For The Amazon Gala 2023 stands as a shining example of the power of unity and commitment towards a crucial cause. Let us all take action, ensuring the protection and preservation of the Amazon rainforest for generations to come. Donate here!

LoL, Sandra

With lovely Lisa Tchenguiz and Mark Vandelli at the gala

Following the dress code of the Amazon… Harry Hazell in green velvet.
All details of my look will follow shortly.

With Alessandro Carra at the after party.

Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht and Courtesy of Annabel’s
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