«Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it.»
– Lucy Maud Montgomery

Taking about body odor is not a pleasant topic, but it can’t be ignored. But the idea that ingredients in deodorants, namely aluminum, can cause breast cancer has been scaring me for a while. I mean, it makes sense, applying something so chemical-heavy near that part of our body certainly does give me chills. Therefore I had been looking for an aluminium-free deodorant that really keeps me stink free for some time now.
And finally I have found one that I like: the Herbal Deodorant by AESOP, a botanically based product created for everyday use, which is suitable for men and women alike.

Its formulation contains zinc ricinoleate to help address compounds associated with coryneform bacteria – the main contributor to strong body odour – and a considered blend of essential oils, including rosemary, sage and eucalyptus. These ingredients also impart a refreshing residual aroma that complements our cleansing and hydrating preparations for the body.

Herbal Deodorant is available at signature stores, counters in select department stores, and at Aesop online for CHF 35.00 (50ml).

LoL, Sandra

Photo: © Sandra Bauknecht