“And then I want everything to be included, such as brooms, dust brushes and suchlike, because one day, when everything is being done by electricity, these will be the most remarkable thing of all.” –  From Wilhelmina von Hallwyl‘s annual notes, 1844-1930

Entering the Hallwyl Palace in Stockholm is like stepping a hundred years back in time. Everyday household objects, as well as collections of art, jewelry and fashion, have been left untouched so as to bear witness to a past age. I had the honour to get a private tour of this Swedish national museum which is in a historical building just around the corner of the Nobis hotel. The Hallwyl collection encompasses some 50,000 objects and I absolutely loved the extraordinary jewelry pieces as well as the beautiful presentation of the clothing of that time, such as an embroidered dress by Paul Poiret.


As I have been dreaming of opening a fashion museum one day myself, I was impressed to hear that Wilhelmina von Hallwyl had started to catalogue everything in the palace during her lifetime with the purpose of creating something of enduring historical interest.

A must-see when you are in Stockholm!

LoL, Sandra








Stockholm-58Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht