It is getting very cold this week here in Switzerland. No worries! You can feel warm and cozy during those freezing temperatures with KUNERT‘s thermal tights and winter knee socks for women. These figure-hugging full-length tights are extremely warming thanks to the KUNERT WARM FIBER, which stores body heat. Thanks to the special surface of the inner material, the actively warming KUNERT WARM FIBER PLUS in the sole and heel also make them perfect for winter.

The combination of high-quality warming and insulating materials ensures superior moisture wicking and thermal management. In addition, the perfect fit guarantees maximum freedom of movement. And all of that for an incredible great price.

KUNERT Warm Up 60 Knee Socks € 8.50
KUNERT Warm Up 60 Tights € 12.00

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Kunert
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