Probably you are a little like me. I am always very fast in buying fashion for the next season. So I do not mind starting to get my summer clothes in December. But there is one thing that is always fairly traumatic for me: Trying on a bikini in January when I am all pale in the fluorescent lights of a small dressing room. Somehow those mirrors do not seem to flatter anyone and have the magical power to eliminate the highest self-esteem. They should serve a mandatory glass of champagne to anyone swimsuit shopping when the temperature outside is freezing cold.
Therefore I always wait until the last minute when I am already a little tanned to get my bathing apparel. Probably online shopping is anyway the best way to go.

This year, my object of desire is a monokini, a bikini with fabric linking the bottom and top. The absolute must-have this summer! You could also name it a cutout swimsuit. Reminding me of the 80s, it looks so stylish and surprisingly modern. My favourite is the printed one by Emilio Pucci. The only disadvantage is the pattern that the crisscrossing panel is going to leave on your skin…

LoL, Sandra