A lipstick is never innocent and is much more than just a beauty step
Elegant or provocative, lips dress up to reveal their intentions, marking a presence, a difference and an attitude. Intense and radical, each ROUGE ALLURE shade sparks the imagination, expressing the personalities of all women.

Like a prelude to the rush of colour, the object itself is a true statement. A real jewel in its contemporary case with pure lines, it delivers the sensation of authentic luxury. Press once and it reveals itself in just one click, reinventing seduction in an exquisitely feminine step.

In 2012, ROUGE ALLURE explores a new range of colours that are more intense than ever before. To give colour all of its power, the formula evolves, while maintaining com­fort and gentleness. It is designed to enhance colour with the help of highly concentrated extremely fine pig­ments. And because colour dazzles even more on supple, protected lips, the formula is en­riched with moisturising and antioxidant agents, such as sweet almond oil, sappan wood and green tea.



The style of CHANEL can be traced in black and white. Free and unpredictable, red enriches its palette, setting off elegant ensembles with a note of boldness and imperti­nence.

For Gabrielle Chanel red is more than a colour, it is an attitude and a sign of distinction. Paradoxical and intriguing, but never innocent, red shimmers and makes a statement. On lips, it combines strength, femininity and allure.

The new ROUGE ALLURE collection puts red in the spotlight to match every style.


97 INCANDESCENTE, a flamboyant red with insolent radiance.
98 COROMANDEL, a luminous and precious orange-red.
99 PIRATE, an ultimate, slightly bluish red (see photo above).
102 PALPITANTE, an exquisite shade of raspberry red.
104 PASSION, a dazzling and absolutely glamorous red.
105 INIMITABLE, an intense, irresistible red with pearly reflections.


88 ÉVANESCENTE, a natural beige for a sophisticated nude effect.
90 PIMPANTE, the subtle seduction of a peach tone.


91 SÉDUISANTE, a natural pink, hesitating between candor and spicy charm.
93 EXALTÉE, a true fuschia, deliciously provocative.
94 EXTATIQUE, the freshness and playfulness of an intense bluish pink.


95 ENJOUÉE, a fresh, energising coral pink.
96 EXCENTRIQUE, an absolutely bold and luminous apricot shade.


108 DÉTERMINÉE, a violet-plum brown with a bewitching character.
109 ROUGE NOIR, the revolutionary deep red, now a classic.
110 DÉLURÉE, the brazen originality of a deep brown.

CHF 48.- each

Crayon Levres


New shades of lip liners will be launched to match with the most flamboyant shades of ROUGE ALLURE:

55 FUSCHIA (new)

CHF 34.- each

Le Vernis


For a radical makeover, ROUGE ALLURE is coordinated with iconic CHANEL nailpolishes:

565 BEIGE, a universal and iconic shade (new).
617 HOLIDAY, avant-garde and a future classic, this intense and sophisticated coral becomes part of the legend (new, depending on the market).
473 COROMANDEL, a timeless and extremely feminine orange-red.
08 PIRATE, the must-have flamboyant red (my favourite red).
18 ROUGE NOIR, deep, mysterious and inimitable.

CHF 35.- each

Available in Mid September 2012.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of Chanel