Narciso Rodriguez’s beloved signature musc is renowned for its timelessness and olfactive depth. Discover a new chapter in the story of for her and experience a new way to further customize Narciso Rodriguez’s signature musc with an intimate new fragrance ritual.

Originating in the Middle East, layering is a technique that allows the wearer to further define their olfactive signature. By combining multiple scents, it is possible to create a fragrance that is entirely your own. With the introduction of for her PURE MUSC, layering has become a central facet of the for her fragrance collection that allows you to customize your favorite for her scents for any occasion.

Inspired by the original for her, PURE MUSC pays homage to the iconic fragrance line’s signature musc. Reinterpreted and refined with a disarming purity, the heart of musc is enhanced with an exquisite floral bouquetjasmine and orange blossom—while cashmeran lends warmth. A supremely addictive scent, for her PURE MUSC eau de parfum teases the senses and envelops the body, becoming a perfect base for layering.

Worn alone, for her PURE MUSC is purely addictive. When layered with other for her fragrances, PURE MUSC becomes even more captivating.  Layered with the original for her eau de toilette, an element of sophistication is added that is sublimely sensual. PURE MUSC layered with for her eau de parfum adds intensity and intrigue that is purely seductive. PURE MUSC plus for her fleur musc, creates a discreetly dramatic floral scent. For rich depth and a bold sense of mystery, layer PURE MUSC with the infinitely intriguing for her MUSC NOIR.

Express yourself by layering your favorite for her scents (you can use other fragrances of course) with for her PURE MUSC in a new, sensual ritual. The introduction of for her mini duos allows you to personalize your scent in an innovative on-the-go format.

Mini duo Pure Musc For Her EDP 20ml + Musc Noir For Her EDP 20ml: CHF 94.00
Mini duo Pure Musc For Her EDP 20ml + For Her EDT 20ml: CHF 94.00
PURE MUSC eau de parfum absolue, enriched with a synthesis of amplified floral notes, including exotic Ylang Ylang notes and increased Jasmine while soft creamy cedar woodexclusively available in 100ml format.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Narciso Rodriguez