Every craftsmanship done with passion and love is art to me! The art of coffee making is like the art of dressing up or the art of watchmaking … yesterday everything was united at the Nespresso booth at Watches & Wonders when Geneva-based artist Jean-Philippe Kalonji created an amazing portrait with coffee of me while I enjoyed my «Forte», an espresso from Nespresso Professional «Classics» coffee range.

At home I have a not only a wonderful closet  but also a wardrobe of coffee capsules as I love to change my coffee varieties depending my mood. Drinking coffee is my guilty pleasure and I truly enjoy those peaceful moments for myself.

Let me take you with me on my journey this week in Geneva …

Arrived at Watches and Wonders …
But first, Nespresso Professional coffee… As every coffee – or watch – is an unforgettable timeless moment.

When coffee triggers creativity …
Talking to Geneva-based artist Jean-Philippe Kalonji about his amazing work, who painted portraits with coffee yesterday.

My favorite…
«Forte», an espresso from the Nespresso Professional «Classics» coffee range.

Double tasking … getting portrayed by Jean-Philippe Kalonji while enjoying a cup of «Forte».

When coffee becomes an art in its own right …..

I absolutely love the result … the art of coffee!

Thank you Jean-Philippe Kalonji for capturing me so well and to Nespresso for this amazing experience.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht / Nicolas Stajic
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