You know the expression a match made in heaven. As a fashion collector, who has curated high-end fashion items for over 30 years, I like to observe the secondary market and follow auctions very closely. When I was approached by Sotheby’s, the prestigious auction house, for a collaborative venture at the new Sotheby’s Salon at Bucherer on Bahnhofstrasse 50 in Zurich, I was immediately drawn to this idea.

Within the Zurich flagship store of Bucherer, located on the third floor, the salon is the first ever permanent ultra luxury retail destination by an auction house worldwide. Offering an amazing selection of high-end items, including luxury fashion, jewelry, art, fine spirits and collectibles, the salon provides a bespoke and exclusive environment for clients to browse and acquire rare and valuable pieces. This venue enhances the traditional auction experience by offering a more personalized and intimate setting, appealing to discerning collectors and enthusiasts who seek exceptional items with a high level of service and expertise.

In love with this white diamond solitaire ring, 12.16 carat, D colour, VS1, with GIA certificate, price upon request.

Lots of treasures in the by now section.

The new «buy now» concept is also allowing collectors to buy at fixed price from a permanent curated selection of watches, jewelry, leather goods, fine wines, fine art and more. Overseeing the Salon will be representatives from Sotheby’s, each well-versed in their specialisms and in the products on sale – the selection of which will be influenced by the demands of the highly knowledgeable clientele and collectors to be found in this region. On top, from time to time, pieces that will go into an auction will be on display.

Fine wines and spirits are also part of the offering, as Jessica Graf, Deputy Director Sotheby’s Sales Manager Switzerland, explained to me.

So what prompted this remarkable joint venture? Both venerable businesses, Sotheby’s and Bucherer can indeed also be seen as a match made in heaven, particularly in the world of luxury and high-end collectibles as their partnership combines Sotheby’s expertise in auctioning and marketing rare and valuable items with Bucherer’s deep knowledge and prestigious reputation in the watch and jewelry market. However, the Salon is solely managed by the Sotheby’s team.

Three objects of desire on display for the auction: Shadow, Himalaya, and Faubourg Birkin.

Once you exit the elevator and enter the Salon, you might think you have landed in heaven. Nowhere else you can find such an outstanding collection of limited edition and hard-to-get handbags from Hermès or CHANEL that you can actually buy on the spot. The Sotheby’s sales team makes sure that all pieces are new or in immaculate condition. Furthermore, they have also a dedicated department that will help you source any piece you like to have.

How gorgeous are these yellow diamond pear shape earrings please?! 25.31 carat fancy deep yellow, VS1, 25.33 carat fancy brownish Yellow, VVS1, 4.8 carat white diamonds, H-I, with GIA certificates, price upon request.

Client relationship plays a huge part in this new retail concept. Therefore the Sotheby’s Salon also hosts exclusive events ranging from sealed auctions, fashion events to wine and spirit tastings in the Caveau, which features library vintages and bottles, usually reserved for long-term clients. Of course, events aside, it is the curation of products on sale that will be the main attraction – and it promises to be nothing if not varied.

If you are invested in selling a piece yourself, you can meet with a Sotheby’s specialist to receive valuations of your items and consign directly for sale at auction, retail, or private sale. Sotheby’s will take a 20% commission on the sale which I find absolutely fair.

Big smile as investing in fashion was a good thing to do …

Connoisseur or collector, you will love this new retail concept where dreams will come true and you will find your match made in heaven.

LoL, Sandra

Landed in shopping heaven …

… spoilt for choice!

On display and in Sandra’s Closet: the Hermès Constance Marble bag.

Watches are also part of the selection …

… as well as art.

Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht / Sanjeev Velmurugan
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