M•A•C’s New Beauty Super Weapon


The science of skincare meets the beauty of makeup, all presented in one innovative product. I swear on this new beauty super weapon. M·A·C’s latest Lightful creation comes packaged in a modern dual-chamber bottle that holds two potent formulas – a hi-tech treatment serum and an incandescent tint.

Use the lightweight and translucent gel-like serum all over the face at night to curb hyperpigmentation, and the tinted serum during the day to continue the brightening effects while instantly evening skin tone and adding luminosity. Used together, both formulas target a multitude of skin concerns, from dark spots and dehydration to uneven skin tone/texture, all with the help of our Lightful Radiance Booster, chock-full of ingredients and Vitamin C to promote robust brightening.

Lightful C 2-in-1 Tint and Serum with Radiance Booster
Light pale ivory
Medium warm beige
Medium Plus tan beige
Dark deep caramel
Dark Deep rich golden bronze
CHF 69.00

Available from June 2015 at all M·A·C locations and at online.

LoL, Sandra

Photo: Courtesy of M·A·C Cosmetics

The Bloom is on the Rose


Let me introduce you to my latest beauty musts. It is all about roses…

1 Flora rose, iris and orange blossom scented candleicon by FORNASETTI
My first step of a beauty routine is the calming scent of a candle. This one I love. Its delicate aroma of white rose and jasmine, inspired by the Fornasetti gardens in Milan is divine. I like to keep the ceramic vessel to store jewelry and small trinkets.

Rose de Vie – Sérum Délicat, 30ml iconby DR. SEBAGH
Lightweight and beautifully scented, this serum is the quickest way to a fresh and youthful glow.

3 A Rose By Any Other Name Body Cleanser, 500mlicon by AESOP
Fragranced with Rose Damascene Flower Oil and enriched with softening botanicals, it’s the perfect shower gel that will envelop you with a feeling of well-being and help to keep you focused through even the most manic of days.

4 Baume De Rose Lip Protectanticon by BY TERRY
My personal daily essential. The signature formula is enriched with softening Rose Flower Essential Wax and healing Shea Butter, simply dab it on to instantly soothe and plump your lips.

LoL, Sandra

The Essence of Perfection


New, prodigious and powerful, Helena Rubinstein‘s latest couture treatment, LIFE PEARL CELLULAR ESSENCE, distinguishes itself for the precious and rare active agents of black pearls from Tahiti for an extreme anti-age effect. The Helena Rubinstein Laboratories have learned the secret of the black pearl, giving rise, layer after layer, to ultimate perfection in terms of radiance, surface, form and density.

Smooth and very nourishing is this new serum which is designed to recreate skin as perfect as a pure pearl. Inspired by this jewel of nature, it reveals the complexion’s pearlescent brightness and its even appearance is restored. The skin relief is more even, the wrinkles are polished and the face’s contours are visibly reshaped.


Over time, the skin progressively loses its capacity to meet its basic needs. I have used LIFE PEARL CELLULAR ESSENCE only for a few weeks and find its restoring effect already outstanding. Its floral green scent of bergamot, iris and vetiver makes its application a true sensory pleasure.

A precious serum – a jewel of technology that will be available in Switzerland in the beginning of December 2012 for CHF 560.00 (40ml) at Jelmoli Zurich, Globus Geneva and Manor Lugano.

LoL, Sandra

YSL Forever Youth Liberator

YSL Forever

YSL Forver

“Chanel gave women freedom, Yves Saint Laurent gave them power”.

After Yves Saint Laurent’s launch of their new Forever Youth Liberator range in Great Britain, it has already become the most hyped skincare in a few days. Counters are taking pre-orders and the wait lists are huge. But what is the magic behind it?

A few years ago Yves Saint Laurent hit the skincare market running with a radical statement: “Youth is a state of mind that cannot live without science.”

The science behind it lies in the groundbreaking technology of Glycobiology. It’s been noted as the future in the medical field, the fruit of more than 100 years of research and recognized by 7 Nobel Prizes.

Naturally found in the skin, glycans plays a crucial role in cutaneous equilibrium. Their level diminishes over time, leading to the “locking” of the cells and blocking the youth process. YSL has identified an innovative combination of glycans, called Glycanactif™, which unlock the cells to reactivate their vital functions and liberate the youth potential at all levels of the skin. Dr. Bruno Bernard, a research fellow at L’Oréal says that “Skin glycans are cellular keys to youthfulnes.”

The proven results: Anti-wrinkle Lift. Plump. Radiance.
The skin is instantly more luminous  and wrinkles are less visible. The skin looks more plumped. With Forever Youth Liberator you can liberate youth within your skin from the age of 30.

YSL Forever allThe complete YSL Forever Youth Liberator range:

Eye Cream 15ml, CHF 79 / £40
Cleansing Foam 50ml, CHF 55 / £35
Serum 30ml, CHF109 / £60 
Moisturising Lotion 200ml, CHF 55 /£35
Fluid SPF 15 50ml, CHF 129 / £60
Cream (Moisturising Cream) 50ml, CHF 129 / £60
Nutri-Cream (Intense Moisturising Cream) 50ml, CHF 129 / £60

In Switzerland available starting February 2012.
You might consider signing up for the wait list now!

LoL, Sandra