Today, I have some very big personal news that I am very proud to share with you. I am appointed Editor-in-Chief of L’OFFICIEL SWITZERLAND, for both, the French and German editions of the publication. The magazine is launching in March 2014. And no worries, Sandra’s Closet will still exist, I will be wearing “two hats” so to say and will keep you posted with fashion and lifestyle news from all over the world.

Personally speaking, I am very much looking forward to my new challenge. L’OFFICIEL is at the top range of international fashion magazines and I am very excited to launch its Swiss edition with the local team. It will allow for an interesting balance between the precision and beauty of print and the speed of online fashion reporting through my blog.

The team include a strong mix of national and international talents:

Team L'Officiel Suisse

I will keep you posted on all future developments and hope that you will enjoy the first edition of L’OFFICIEL SWITZERLAND in March 2014.

LoL, Sandra