YSL Flower Crush Press Event

YSL Flower Crush Makeup Spring 2014 Collection Press Launch

Recently, we had an eminent visit in Zurich. Llyod Simmonds, Creative Director Make-up Yves Saint Laurent, had flown in to present his newest creation at Aura:
the FLOWER CRUSH Spring Look 2014.

Lovers and collectors of YSL beauty items will be pleased to look at those limited edition beauty must-haves that will hit the shelves in Switzerland in February 2014.

Gloss Volupté

My personal favourites are the new GLOSS VOLUPTÉ lip glosses that replace the brand’s iconic Golden Gloss. This new generation of lip shine will be available in 24 shades in three different harmonies: golden, iridescent and pure. Four of these are already included in the upcoming YSL Spring 2014 Flower Crush Collection. What makes the gloss stand out is its applicator, which is designed to look like a kiss-shape and which allows for precise application.
As Lloyd put it: “An invitation to kiss.”

LoL, Sandra




Sandra Bauknecht - Lloyd Simmonds

Lloyd Simmonds with me


PIVOINE CRUSH Palette Collector pour les Yeux CHF 89.00 (One Shot)


Flower Crush YSL-BlushROSY BLUSH Palette Collector pour le Teint CHF 89.00 (One Shot)



GLOSS VOLUPTÉ N°104 Prune Organdi –  N°49 Terriblement Fuchsia – N°19 Rose Orfèvre – N°3 Rose Fusion CHF 48.00 each


Rouge Volupté YSL Flower CrushROUGE VOLUPTÉ N°34 Rose Asarine – N° 31 Fuchsia Tourbillon – N°33 Rose Neillia – N°32 Corail Jalouse CHF 50.00 each


Yves_Saint_Laurent_Flower_Crush_spring_2014_makeup_rouge pur couture

ROUGE PUR COUTURE VERNIS À LÈVRES N°32 Rouge Avant-Gardiste – N°33 Bourgogne Artistique CHF 48.00 each


YSL Flower Crush Nail Polishes

LA LACQUE COUTURE N°48 Rose Scabiosa (One Shot) – N°49 Rouge Pablo CHF 38.00 each


Flower Crush eyes

MASCARA VOLUME EFFET FAUX CILS N°22 Violine Ténébreuse CHF 50.00 (One Shot)


Photos: © David Biedert and © Sandra Bauknecht

YSL – Let’s Fight Against Boredom


Ladies, save your money this month until the new YSL makeup collection for Spring 2013 will hit the shelves in Switzerland Mid February. The range just looks fab and is inspired by the beauty of precious stones. Its credo: “Let’s fight against boredom” – I am on and you?


YSL Arty Stone Makeup Collection comes in cool shades of mint and pink, purple and blue. “Pink quartz, amethyst, pyrite, malachite, azurite, jade, each possesses a hypnotic beauty. When you hold them in your hands, these precious stones diffuse energy and light, like galaxies. Their crystalline purity and voluptuous opalescence were the departure point for the creation of the Spring Look 2013 for Yves Saint Laurent,” explained Lloyd Simmonds, Creative Director Make-up Yves Saint Laurent Beauté.


Pure Chromatics Eye Collector Palette – CHF 79.00 (One Shot)
Shades: Malachite, Fluorite, Amethyst, Azurite
Can be used wet and dry, 4 colours for endless combinations.



Dessin du Regard – CHF 36.00
N° 15 (One Shot) & N°16 (One Shot)

Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils
N°21 Green Emerald (One Shot)

Crème de Blush – CHF 54.00
N°7, N°8, N°9



Volupté Sheer Candy – CHF 49.00
N°12 Tasty Raspberry
N°13 Griotte Mocha

Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres – CHF 48.00
N°27 Pêche Cerra-Colla
N°28 Grenat Acrylique
N°29 Rose Fourreau
N°30 Mauve Fusain

N°11_YSLVolupté Sheer Candy – CHF 49.00
N°11 Frosted Mint (One Shot)


La Laque Couture – CHF 37.00
N°34 Jade Impérial
N°35 Bronze Pyrite (One Shot)

LoL, Sandra

Spring Look 2013-PR visual-4Photos: Courtesy of YSL and © Sandra Bauknecht

YSL Holiday Look 2012 – Northern Lights


YSL Holiday look 2012, “Northern Lights”, is probably of the most wanted Christmas makeup collections with its beautiful colour palette inspired by the northern lights.

Lloyd Simmonds, Creative Makeup Director of YSL Beauty, says about the collection: “During my childhood I was fascinated by the northern lights – also known as Aurora borealis – with its incredible vitality and color, which can never forget in life. They inspired me to this collection with exceptionally bright colours, laced with violet and midnight-blue hues and dotted with pearl highlights like a grand night sky! “


My favourite products are from left to right:
PURE CHROMATICS Collector’s Palette Arctic Night (Limited Edition) – CHF 79.00
(It comes with this super-cute sequined pochette.)
LA LACQUE COUTURE Top Coat N°33 Première Neige (Limited Edition) – CHF 38.00
(For an irresistible frosty finish on your nails, reminiscent of the moonshine.)
GOLDEN GLOSS N°55 Bleu Artique & N°56 Rose Polaire (Limited Edition) – CHF 46.00
(Two scintillating sheer lip glosses that can be worn on bare lips or over your favourite lipstick.)


I absolutely adore the combination of LA LACQUE COUTURE N° 18 Bleu Majorelle (from YSL’s summer look 2012) with the Limited Edition Top Coat N°33 Première Neige. Hope that you will like it, too. The collection is in stores now.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of YSL Beauty and © Sandra Bauknecht

YSL Fall 2012 – Contemporary Amazon


The Yves Saint Laurent woman moves through Paris as if it were an urban jungle. Dressed in a tuxedo jacket, leopard-print silk crepe de chine top and stretch-leather leggings, she strides at a determined, steady pace along the streets of Saint-Germain-des-Près, clutching her Cabas Chyc alligator-effect bag close to her, like a talisman. The totally liberated, enticing YSL woman is radiant in her stiletto pumps. She releases a disarming tension created by playing on contrasts to more effectively reveal herself.


Yves Saint Laurent’s fall makeup look “CONTEMPORARY AMAZON” created by Lloyd Simmonds, Creative Director Make-up Yves Saint Laurent, has the same power. It “expresses a desire to get back to the basics, a desire for a luminous matteness that is both natural and sophisticated, with effects that can be tailored to a personalized look. Khaki, black, gold, red, the classics of the contemporary Rive Gauche woman who has a daring approach to colour and a free spirit combined with true Parisian chic.”


YSL Fall2012-Star-ProductSTAR PRODUCT

Palette CoutureAn alternative to blush, another way to sculpt the cheekbones.
CHF 89.-


YSL-Pure-Chromatics-4-Wet-and-Dry-Eye-Shadows-11_matte-450x298Pure Chromatics
CHF 79.-

Harmony N°10 and Harmony N°11

ysl mascara graphite greenMascara Volume Effet Faux
CHF 49.-

N°19 Graphite Green


Rouge Pure Couture – The Mats
CHF 48.- each

N°201 Orange Imagine, N°202 Rose Crazy, N°203 Rouge Rock, N°204 Rouge Scandal, N°205 Prune Virgin and N°206 Grenat Satisfaction

ysl nail polishes2

La Lacque Couture
CHF 36.- each

N°31 Khaki Arty (on my nails below) and N°32 Rouge Expressioniste

Khaki Arty1

ysl dare to glow

Dare to GlowA silky complexion illuminator, between a highlighter and an enhancer.
(Limited edition)
CHF 34.- each

N°1 Tempting Gold, N°2 Fatal Red and N°3 Naughty Pink

And don’t miss the following product:

Le-Teint-Touche-Eclat-450x171Le Teint Touche Éclat
CHF 67.-

One word: Amazing! Classical foundation formulas contain varying amounts of opaque powders that result in a diffused reflection – a “masked” effect that leaves skin looking grey and dull, especially on darker complexions. Now, for the very first time with LE TEINT TOUCHE ÉCLAT, Yves Saint Laurent resolves this dilemma by replacing the powder with a soft focus gel. Through a diffusing and translucent texture on the skin’s surface, this unique soft focus gel smoothes away imperfections without ever masking the skin, ensuring skin colour purity for a natural-looking and sophisticated glow.

Available in 22 shades, organized in colour families, from beiges to golden and rosy hues, from the lightest to the darkest tones, corresponding to the 7000 skin tones identified in the world.

In stores now!

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of Yves Saint Laurent and © Sandra Bauknecht

YSL Spring 2012 Make-up News

Candy Face

Yves Saint Laurent’s Spring 2012 make-up collection, created by Lloyd Simmonds, is called “Candy Face”. Those shades are so fresh and beautiful with melting textures and transparent effects that they seem sweet enough to eat! I am talking about sparkling sugar eyes, delicious cheeks and a gleaming smile.

I took a photo of my favourites:


VOILE DE BLUSH – Feathery light blush  in 04 Mauve Veil (to the right)

The gel texture is in osmosis with the skin. Impalpable, it forms a satiny veil, soft to the touch. Ultra melting, it “plumps” the cheekbones with a sublime effect, CHF 43.-.

MANUCURE COUTURE – Edition N°8 Nail Colour (to the left)

A nail polish duo that can be worn alone or together as a colourful French manicure. The small bottles are great to travel with, CHF 49.-.

Here is another new highlight from Yves Saint Laurent:


ROUGE PUR COUTURE – Vernis à Lèvres in 15 Rose Vinyl and 17 Encre Rose

A new revolutionary lip make-up. It is not really a lipstick, not really a lipgloss – and much more than a lip stain. Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres is a glossy stain. It comes with an applicator that is different than others providing you with a modern technology to keep your lips soft, coloured and sheer. The texture is new and not as you would expect it. Very light, not sticky, it just tints your lips with a coloured veil.
Available starting this month in 19 shades, CHF 48.- each.

LoL, Sandra

C74424_DEPLIANT.inddC74424_DEPLIANT.inddPhotos: © Yves Saint Laurent and © Sandra Bauknecht

Yves Saint Laurent Holiday Look 2011

YSL Holiday Look 2011

Introducing the Yves Saint Laurent “Holiday Look 2011”. YSL international make-up artist Lloyd Simmonds pays tribute to the Yves Saint Laurent tuxedo, the absolute garment in a masculine-feminine wardrobe, enhanced by a satin sash, a velvet lapel, a bow-tie.
In doing so, he has recreated a new palette of seduction, placing the emphasis on expression, on the force of an attitude.
“The tuxedo? It’s the icon of the Yves Saint Laurent wardrobe. A reference to the pictures of Helmut Newton. The famous ‘smoky eye’. A signature eye.” – Lloyd Simmonds

YSL Holiday2011

Palette_boitier_ferméInspired by the tuxedo, the Palette Noir Terriblement and the Palette Blanc Terriblement both celebrate the emblematic spirit of evening clothes that move effortlessly throughout time. Nestling inside a beautiful gold case, adorned by a pleated belt and embroidered with the Yves Saint Laurent logo. It can be worn around the wrist like a bracelet, a nocturnal fetish.


Palette „Noir Terriblement“ – CHF 89,00 (Limited Edition)

The black tuxedo. Eye Shadow in 5 colors. 4 variations of black and a shimmering white in the middle. Black velvet, black silk, black moiré, black lamé, white satin, fabric turning into eye colors in the magic of an evening where black is unveiled in a play on shadow and light.

Expert’s secret by Lloyd Simmonds: “The best thing is to choose your black and use it as a base applied with the flat brush. And then to ‘smoke’ it with a round brush to blend the product so that the edges are invisible.”


Palette „Blanc Terriblement“ – CHF 89,00 (Limited Edition)

The white tuxedo. The complexion illuminator palette. Shimmering silver, shimmering pink, shimmering violet. Three white hues delicately lit up with precious pearls, catching the light like a magnet to give an absolute glow effect.

ombreduolumieres_Ombres Duolumières – CHF 65,00

Contrasts and highlights for sparkling eyes in two different colour combinations: Silver moiré / Black Flannel, Gold lamé / Velvet black.


Manucure Couture n°6  – CHF 49,00

Make a show of style and colour right down to the fingertips. The hand becomes the most luxurious fashion accessory.  Yves Saint Laurent’s “Duo Terriblement Noir”: Two blacks. One matte and one glossy. An ultra–graphic feel for the season’s most radical, most ‘couture’ duo. A reprise of the contrasts of powder texture and satin lapels, they are complementary to give an ultra–sophisticated, infinitely black finish.


Golden Gloss – White shimmering gold collection – CHF 46,00

Transparence and light, wear it alone or added to a lipstick to give a white gold shimmer on the lips. Available in: White Gold Diamond, White Gold Opal, White Gold Quartz, White Gold Amethyst 48 (pictured left), White Gold Topaz 47 (pictured right).

My beauty must-have: The limited edition palette “noir terriblement” for the perfect smokey eyes.

LoL, Sandra