In recent years, heat-styling tools have become increasingly popular, allowing us to take our appearance to the next level and revitalise tired hair by adding volume, creating straight, glossy, tamed or wavy locks, subtle curls, and more. But the use of these tools, especially on a daily basis, weakens the hair fibre and deteriorates its vitality.

Subjected to temperatures of up to 230°C, the hair suffers and is damaged

• at the surface, heat-styling tools expose the hair to «flash drying», which compromises part of its natural protective film. The scales of the cuticle lift up causing breakage, leaving the hair dry, dull and rough to the touch.

• deep down, the hair suffers «thermal trauma», where the heat causes the keratin to deteriorate, leading the fibre to weaken and lose its natural moisture reserves. The hair is left fragile, brittle and split ends start to form.

Sounds to good to be true? Here is a SISLEY INNOVATION that you shouldn’t miss: a new thermoactive technology, that infuses restorative active ingredients into the heart of the hair fibre to protect and enhance it.

Part of the «230 Complex», this technology draws on two ionic polymers that can actively repair under the effect of heat.

In a radical change, the powerful formula of the 230 Complex transforms «flash drying» from styling into «flash repair». When activated by heat, it forms an adhesive micro-gel and repairs the hair in two essential steps: the damaged parts are sealed and breakage is repaired. The hair fibre is left glossy and, for the first time, enhanced by heat: the hair is repaired and reflects light once more.

Not only does the formula defend the fibre against the repeated effects of heat up to 230°C by surrounding the hair in an undetectable, ultralight protective barrier, it also limits the degradation of keratin.
• Significant decrease in issues related to breakage
(2 times less breakage when straightening).*
• Reduced occurrence of split ends (77% decrease). **
• Hair regains its original softness.

A non-rinse hair care cream, the Cream 230 is applied to the lengths and ends of damp or dry hair before using heat-styling tools such as hairdryers, straighteners or curling irons.

It is enriched with precious botanical oils of Camellia and Moringa, which nourish and soften the hair, as well as Cotton proteins that strengthen its protein structure. Its texture melts into the hair fibre upon application.

Now strengthened, hair is nourished, silky and fully detangled. Its glossiness is restored, leaving it radiating beauty. Blow-drying is easier and styles are perfectly defined. In addition, the Cream 230 can also be applied to dry hair to provide non-rinse nourishing care.


LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Sisley Paris
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* ex vivo test on strands: application of mechanical stress by repeatedly brushing strands of hair
** ex vivo test on strands