Louis Vuitton Emprise Collection

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The emblematic trunk continues its journey through the Louis Vuitton universe.
From the initial reality of a tangible utilitarian object, in another dimension a collection of modern, feminine watches and jewelry pieces, the new EMPRISE line will surely be loved by women around the globe.

The structural elements of the famous travel luggage are transported into the world of High Jewelry. Powerfully structured shapes, the choice of stones, some in vibrant colors have one thing in common: an infinitely Parisian attitude.

LoL, Sandra

Louis Vuitton Emprise Haute Joaillerie Ring

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Louis Vuitton Earrings Emprise

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Photos: Courtesy of Louis Vuitton © Charles Helleu

Match Your iPhone Case to Your Nails


Personally speaking, I might reach for my mobile phone more often during the day than I reach for a glass of water. So I literally died when I came across those iPhone cases that look identical to a bottle of Chanel nail polish. Available in the season’s new shades from the Collection Printemps Précieux de Chanel, Empire, Fracas and Accessoire, as well as long-time classics such as Dragon and Blue Satin – it’s even coated with a crystal clear enamel layer, made by Hong Kong-based Etsy vendor The Custom Art.

Ladies, it is time to outfit your iPhone with seasonal trends in mind.

LoL, Sandra

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Photos: Via Etsy.com